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It is self evident that modern Christianity is a maze of evolving contradiction and confusion. Does any institutional church represent the original version of the Faith "once for all" delivered to the saints? True Christianity has not been lost, just obscured by many centuries of persuasive false teachers claiming to represent the truth and finding foolish followers who are willing to have their ears tickled. But God has kept his promise and preserved the truth of the Faith for those who earnestly seek it. We believe we can reveal the original version of Christianity, the one Jesus gave his disciples to spread to the world. We are not inventing anything new. The only version of the Faith that will save us is the original one. Do you have "ears to hear"? Do you have a "good and honest heart" toward God's word? Are you wise enough to receive the truth, even if it flies in the face of what you've been taught? Come, let God reveal to you the "living way" and the abundant life that accompanies it.

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