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Planning, organizing & socializing of MMS
The goal of this meetup is for all members who would like to help establish the McKinney Makerspace (MMS) in any way, get together to discuss ideas, goals and options to move forward. PLEASE come out if you want to help, in any way you are able, move this effort forward! There is a lot of interest and we need volunteers to drive action items! (Location note: TBD - Ongoing discussion for better options with less background noise and screen sharing, etc.)

Needs a location

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    What we're about

    A not-for-profit group to create and develop a McKinney area Makerspace.

    * Build a "core team" to plan and build a Maker/Hacker space in the McKinney/Stonebridge general area.
    * Potential to "affiliate" with another existing group in the surrounding/DFW area, but have local "shop"? (ie. Grow the Makerspace community, not fragment it)

    Ideal individuals would have/be:
    * Both common expertise in some areas to collaborate on some projects, and diverse expertise to help others learn & expand in others.
    * Driven to experiment/challenge the limitations of whatever it is we are working on.
    * Have built something unique
    * Have the propensity to "over engineer" things
    * Have professional experience in at least one of the key areas of interest
    * Diverse Interests
    * Self Motivated
    * Lots of ideas on...

    Notable Interests are, but not limited to:
    * Home Automation Projects - building hardware/sensors/controllers to software integration & development

    * openHAB Automation Users Group

    * Home Automation General Users Group

    * Internet of Things (IoT)
    * Home Improvements: Efficiency, power/cooling/heating/solar/water/lighting/security, etc.
    * Micro controller/processor projects: Arduino, RaspberryPi, ESP8266, etc,
    * CNC, Mach3/GRBL: various purposes; fabrication enclosures for projects to "artwork", Plastics, Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, wood, etc
    * 3D Printing
    * Woodworking/Shop:
    * Electronics: broad topic
    * PCB Fabrication
    * Networking / Cloud / Home IT Systems Architecture
    * Photography

    * Brew Club - Making Great Beer

    * Cosplay Makers

    * Other latest & greatest tech/tools/toys

    Benefits, ideas, and considerations...
    * Share expensive and resources occasionally used: ex. tools/test equip/printers, etc
    * Help others start/finish that project. (ex. I have projects that are missing that once piece of confirmation/validation/case/code, etc. and that it is "done" and to stop making changes 😃 )
    * Professional Networking
    * Group/volume discounts on purchasing common items
    * May develop the next big "thing" 😃
    * Somethings/projects always seems to go further as a team

    Looking forward to exploring the possibilities!

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