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Summoning D&D players for a Norse-themed homebrew campaign! I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I am a 35-year veteran D&D player and GM. Gaming sessions will be held in my home in McLean, with substantial space to play and many hundreds of miniatures available. The campaign setting will be vaguely eleventh century Norse in character and will begin soon. We will meet on Saturdays and/or Sundays--the Grotto is closed during the week, regrettably. As a GM I place considerable pride in my preparation for each session and my commitment to the development of each PC. I anticipate the storyline will take the characters from 1st level through 12th-14th level. I prefer to meet every other weekend with a balanced party of seven characters, with hopes that at least five can attend each time. I seek mature gamers with at least some experience in RPGs generally. An ideal participant would be an affable person who enjoys the teamwork and camaraderie of fantasy roll playing, and also could attend on a regular basis. I would like to meet each new player this fall, prior to the first session, in order to discuss the campaign. The campaign will start with a bang, with the party aboard a longship hurtling toward an enemy village. If you are interested in playing a hammer-wielding warrior of Thor, dwarven beserker, priest of Odin, dark elf wizard of Svartalfheim, or a similar character, the Nordmark campaign is for you. Good and neutral characters only; official D&D 5e rules only. Please reach out to me via this website or at nordmarkgm@gmail if interested. Thanks, Jay

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