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We're a spin-off of the former NOVA Geek Club, and have been reading together for years, with new people joining all the time. We take the framework of an old-timey book club and use it as a springboard for discussion about some of the best comics and graphic novels ever written.

We are keeping track of what we want to read in the future and running polls for upcoming books on BookClubz.com. Just ask Matt or Dan for the invite link.

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Short Comics Chat

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Please join us to talk about horror comics. Scary, gruesome, graphic, whatever gives you nightmares or probably would give you nightmares if you weren't the kind of person who reads horror comics. This is an approximately half hour open ended discussion about this totally random topic. This is not a long thing, so let's just jump straight to comics. We don't have to stay on topic, but we'll start there.

Incognegro by Mat Johnson

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For October, we'll talk about Mat Johnson's anti-lynching hero Incognegro. Zane is a black journalist who can pass for white which he uses as a superpower to investigate and interfere with lynchings throughout the south. When his brother is arrested, he has to walk a fine line between his dual identities to try to save him without getting killed himself. This is historical fiction but the racist violence it depicts is ongoing even if the form has changed. Black lives matter. If you can't manage to get a library copy, you can buy the graphic novel on the Amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B078G24V9J Or find an indie bookstore with a copy here: https://www.indiebound.org/book/9781401210984

Relish : my life in the kitchen

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This month we are going to wash away the bad taste of politics by reading a graphic novel about good food. The mother of Lucy Knisley is a caterer, and young Lucy grows up in the kitchen helping her mother cook. As time goes by Lucy gets big and she gets a master's degree in art, and then she finds a way to bring together the things that she loves the most; Lucy creates a graphic novel about her adventures in cooking. One chapter talks about learning to raise chickens on a farm. Lucy revels in the fruits and the vegetables, while she also has to get dirty in the garden and learn to deal with wild animals that attack the farm. Another chapter talks about working with her mother to make the perfect cookie, or learning to deal with seafood from her her uncle. Other chapters show Lucy and her family traveling through Japan, Italy, and Mexico, searching for the best food in the world and learning how to prepare it. The pictures are colorful and gentle, and the writing is good-natured and humorous. The pages are full of recipes and charts which show how to deal with food, but 'Relish' is definitely a light and accessible graphic novel. You can find 'Relish' at a variety of places. The website for 'Amazon' might be the easiest place to start. I am offering the information below. Relish: My Life in the Kitchen By Lucy Knisley https://www.amazon.com/Relish-Life-Kitchen-Lucy-Knisley/dp/1596436239/ This evening I checked on the prices for this book. You can buy 'Relish' on Kindle for less than ten dollars. You can also buy a new paperback copy for thirteen dollars and twenty-nine cents with 'Amazon Prime' shipping. What is more, the Amazon site sells used copies of 'Relish' for as little as three dollars and twenty-one cents, plus tax. This evening the Fairfax County Public Library also had five copies. According to the website, two of those are available right now. The McLean Graphic Novel Group welcomes everyone. Old friends and new readers are both welcome.

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The Complete Chi's Sweet Home -- Volume One

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