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We're a spin-off of the former NOVA Geek Club, and have been reading together for years, with new people joining all the time. We take the framework of an old-timey book club and use it as a springboard for discussion about some of the best comics and graphic novels ever written.

For all of our virtual meetings, we ask that no members record, rebroadcast, or stream the meetings.

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Banned Book Club

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In the year 1983 all of Korea is divided into three parts. One part is still a 'prefecture' of the People's Republic of China. Another part is still 'North Korea,' a Communist republic which has a million soldiers and is always ready to attack. And the southern part is 'South Korea.'

Officially the people of South Korea choose their own government. In reality the people of South Korea must follow a military junta and a group of big corporations. However, the people are angry and the students are finding ways to share their feelings with the world.

Kim Hyun Sook is an ordinary Korean high school student. Kim Hyun Sook works two jobs so she can save enough money to go to college. When Kim Hyun Sook reaches Anjeon University, she studies literature and she joins a book club, and she meets a range of students who also like books.

For example, a young man named Hoon takes a special liking to Hyun. Hoon is studying law and a South American revolutionary named Che Guevara. Kim also meets a young lady named Yuni. Yuni was arrested during a protest rally, and now she has a special hatred for the dictatorship. Yuni likes the radical philosopher Noam Chomsky, and she has a particular interest in psychology and in bloodbaths. The other members of the book club come in all types. For example, Gundo is a young man who studies labor relations and how to agitate the workers. A young lady named Suji likes reading an American Feminist named Betty Friedan and she enjoys having fistfights with the police. A young man named Jihoo likes to read poetry that is out of style and he loves to read political essays that are against the law. In the evenings, these young people get together to read books which the regime has banned; in the daytime, they get together to fight in the streets against anyone tries to stop them.

Banned Book Club

by Kim Hyun Sook (Author), Ryan Estrada (Author), Ko Hyung-Ju (Penciller)


You can get "Banned Book Club" on Kindle & comiXology for only nine dollars and ninety-nine cents. The Amazon website also sells hardcover copies for about ten dollars.

I also went to the website for the Fairfax County Public Library at


The Fairfax County Public Library has ten copies. This morning three copies were available.

Like most book groups, we meet on the internet. You will get a link if you join the meetup.

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