Musé of Creative Fires - Springfield


It's no accident you're here, your Musé is calling! Will you answer?

Imagine a playful day set aside for reclaiming your sense of joy and creativity, painting amongst a circle of like- minded women.

‣ Guided journey to meet your Muse of Creative Fire
‣ Transform limiting stories using Intentional Creativity
‣ Be nurtured and guided through a step by step process of painting
‣ Create your unique image, rich your personal symbols
‣ There is magic in this method for everyone
‣ No experience? No worries! All levels welcome!

muse 1, noun - the creative muse: inspiration, creative influence, stimulus from deep within our souls.

muse 2 verb - "I mused on the story," to ponder, consider, think over/about, mull over, reflect on, contemplate, turn over in one's mind, chew over, give some thought to, cogitate on; think about, be lost in contemplation/thought over, daydream about.

Want to be Creative...
and need a kick start?

Already Creative...
and want to celebrate your Muse!

Our Tea With The Musé series coordinates with Musé gatherings ( around the globe, where we weave the common threads of our lives and stories, sipping tea, sharing poetry and creativity. Bring your Smashbook or journal, and don your creative hat for tea with your Musé and tribe of SiStars.

Picture: Gathering in circle with a tribe of like-minded women and experiencing the AlcheMystery of Creating at this transforming day long event. We will embark upon a quest to meet our personal creative muse and see what messages she has for us. You may also find your inner critic alive and well! (We offer her a back seat, you're driving!)

We will journal and utilize the practice of Intentional Creativity® to bring our muses to life on the canvas, step-by-step. We will paint and embellish her with our personal symbols.

* No Creative Experience Necessary, Really!

You're invited to join Sepha and Nadya in this workshop to experience the joy and transformative power of Intentional Creativity.
Spend time exploring your creative genius. You will come away from this wonder-filled painting day with new friends and connections and a completed painting which holds personal meaning for you and symbolizes the creative being that you are!

Musés light Fuses, Come adventure with paint and rediscover your innate creativity!

Your investment: $110 for a full day... all supplies, canvas, paint, Red Thread, Tea and Chocolate included! Bring an apron or cover up, favorite brushes and your journal. Bring a friend for $95 each!

$50 deposit guarantees your seat! Register and send your deposit here (

Your Musé awaits!