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McMinnville Women's Intentional Creativity Meetup
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The Back Door Studio at Currents Gallery is easily accessible from the Second Street entrance. Please park across second street in the Co-op ministry parking

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Do you have a favorite rose or memory?

For centuries, we're enjoyed these precious beauties, and saved flowers from special occasions. Have you wished there was a way you could capture the fragrance of summer's favorite flower?

In *The Rose,* Ann M writes, "The rosary is believed to have originated in the Orient, and is used as a devotional aid in many religions. ...
In the East, Rose-beads are still made. Dried rose petals are crushed to powder, moistened with rose water and formed into pellets, which are strung, dried and polished, ready for use."

When I was growing up, we had a rose bead necklace my grandmother Mary made decades before, and in High school, I began making and stringing beads of my own. The inner necklace was crafted in the 70s, and I was given the outer strand by a dear friend. They're both over 50 years old, and still fragrant!

Over the years, I've fine tuned the method, and love sharing this ancient practice! You're invited to join us and learn to create beads of your own. You may wish to bring petals you've collected - they will be easiest to incorporate if they're dried (I'll bring my electric coffee grinder)

I provide libation, snacks, (chocolate!) and supplies.

**In Red Thread Circles, we come together and interweave the common threads of our stories. Circles are held around the world, and are for women who wish to gather with others as we share stories and a simple creative project which holds the energy of our visions for ourselves and the future.

From teachers to social workers, new moms to retirees, lawyers to elder support, doctors to therapists, victim advocates to bank tellers ... We all know this is a time for coming together. The Red Thread helps weave our circle, won't you join us?

$10- $20- suggested, to cover room rental, instruction & supplies - bring a friend for just $5! Girls 8 and up welcome!

Red Thread topics include: Medicine Basket, Soul Vision cards (your own affirmation cards), Lotus Wisdom, Vision Plans, Biz-Muse, House of the Heart, Roots and Wings, Heal the Healer, Rose Beads, Prayer Flags, & Medicine Woman.

* Would you like to arrange a paint party for your friends with a Red Thread Twist? Paint With Pals parties feature a theme painting of your choice, and a fun way to celebrate friendships, milestone events, or just get together. These are a lovely alternative to the popular "cookie cutter" parties! We're happy to work with you to find the theme for your group.

* If you live another area, and are interested in hosting a Red Thread Circle, Paint with Pals party, or intentional Creativity playshop in your home or center, please let us know!!

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