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Hello! My name is Simon, and I'm a professional life coach who specializes in helping those who are contemplating major life changes, especially divorce. For me, getting divorced seemed like the end of the world and the pain and grief that followed was immense. It overshadowed the potential it created. I was afraid, I was hard on myself, I struggled to understand what was happening, and I made a huge mistake. My mistake was doing it alone. And yet it became one of the best decisions of my life! So, I decided to make sure nobody has to go through it alone. This not a clinical group therapy session. Rather it is a peer group. The space is safe and nurturing, and with it come compassionate, knowledgable and caring peers. Although I'm trained as a lawyer, mediator, and human resources manager, MY PASSION is helping other people realize their own power and potential, and to get the life they have always wanted. Since I experienced divorce two years ago and mastered it, I think I am a good resource for you. In this Meetup, you will meeting and connect with other folks who are divorced or divorcing. In other words, people like you. Survivors, thrivers, and folks who just have questions. You will get lots of value as well. I will share with you the dimensions of divorce, describe resources you can tap into, expose the power of independence. We will engage in self-discovery. You will uncover who you truly are and develop a plan to tend all the dimensions of your divorce, and you. No matter whether you're just contemplating divorce for the first time, are doing it solo or amicably with your partner, or you've been divorced for a while, you will feel better after attending our sessions.

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Self-Care During Divorce

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Hello Me?Di? Members! Our original plans to meet downtown fell through, so we're adapting. In this June 2 session, we will spend the first 30-minutes meeting and mingling. Presentation and exercises start at 2:30 and will last about an hour or so. We will focus on how we can take good care of ourselves during difficult times such as this, how to get support from others, and how to get the very best for our ourselves as we continue with this chapter of our lives and build our future. The meeting will take place at the Meadowbrook Coffee House. We are renting the space, so the nominal admission fee covers space and Meetups costs. There will be free tea and coffee onsite. There will also be a barista available. Sandwiches and specialty drinks are available for purchase. We are limited to 25 people for this event. Please RSVP. I hope to see you there! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

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