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Calling all dog lovers, this is the group for you! This group is for those who like to hit the trails with their mutts. This is a time to get out, get some activity and just enjoying being out in nature. The hikes will be easy to moderate with a lot of opportunities to stop and take in and appreciate the beauty around us.

For now most events will take place early morning Saturdays with a few Sundays here and there. My hopes are as this group grows other members would like to also contribute to creating events too (so please message me if you would also like to plan events).

Most meet-ups will take place at Sonoma County Regional Parks, so those with a parks pass you will be getting your monies worth (without parks pass parking is 7.00)**. Please adhere to the rules of the parks and keep dogs on leashes at all times (rules are there for a reason otherwise natural resources and our wild neighbors patterns get disrupted).

***Trail etiquette is even more important when you're hiking in a group. Always hike single-file, never taking up more than half the trail space, and stay on the trail itself.

To keep things easy the rules of the dog parks will apply for this group too:

1. No dogs without people
2. No people without dogs.
3. Watch your dogs at all times.
4. Discourage barking
5. Clean up after your dog.
6. No aggressive dogs. Do not let your dog poster or mount other dogs.
7. Watch for signs of aggression.
8. No dogs in heat. Closely monitor un-neutered males.
9. Dogs must be licensed and immunized.
10. Bring children at your own risk.

If your dog gets in a fight, exchange contact information. You are responsible for any injury caused by your dog.

** Just a little info on parks pass (no affiliation what so ever just informational) Regional Parks pass are 69.00 a year (Senior - 62 and older - 49.00).

I don't want to come across as sounding rude but please don't message me asking for me to do later hiking times due to not being a morning person, there are hundreds of meet up groups out there that I'm sure one of them has times that work best for you if your not a morning person. Or better yet lets build up this group and you can always let me know if you would like to contribute to creating events that fit around your schedule and I will give you access to create events too!

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Helen Putnam Regional Park

Helen Putnam Regional Park

A Place to Play Dog Park & Santa Rosa Creek Trail

A Place to Play

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