What we're about

We are the group of spiritual seekers, philosophers and practitioners who want to live a meaningful life and help each other to open our best potential.

We know that the possibilities are infinite and there are ways to find what can be there for You. What do you life for ? What makes you happy?

There are practices. There is reflection and understanding of what and why we do. Mind, psyche and body shall accompany each other in a spiritual journey without overestimation of one side or rejection of another.
How can that be done? We going to discuss and try together.

We like psychological Games as the tool for self-exploration and going to present some along the way.
We are interested in future trends for human potential development. What can be an answer for latest challenges ? If you want to change the world - start from your self. Do you agree? Let's discuss and find the answers !

We have a background in transpersonal and integration psychology, existential philosophy, Gurdjieff 's teaching, Zen koans, Game mastery...

We welcome you to join our Lunches with the Meaning and forthcoming events in San Francisco. See you soon!

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