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Our ongoing mission is to initiate meaningful discussions in cities around the world.

After eight years, and over 1,500 events with the Meetup system, we're in the process to moving to a new platform that better serves the needs of our members.

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Glen Brauer

Founder, Meaningful Discussions


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Friendship Bootcamp - Part 2

Online event

We are continuing with Part 2 in this series in association with the Friendship Bootcamp project: https://friendshipbootcamp.com Even during the pandemic, many people are able to keep their friendships alive and healthy while others remain lonely. The purpose of the Friendship Bootcamp is to help us to UPGRADE our friendship skills in THREE STEPS: 1. LISTENING to the Friendship Bootcamp podcasts: https://friendshipbootcamp.com/ 2. LIKING the strategies submitted by others and providing our own. 3. DISCUSSING our strategies with others at these events In part two of this series, we will be covering the sections: https://friendshipbootcamp.com/managing_your_expectations https://friendshipbootcamp.com/your_friendship_history https://friendshipbootcamp.com/your_friendship_gaps https://friendshipbootcamp.com/tracking_your_emotions https://friendshipbootcamp.com/where_are_you_stalling As with all Meaningful Discussions events, discussion questions will be provided and attendees will be divided into small groups of 5-7 people using Zoom breakout rooms. There are only two rules for our events: one person talking at a time, and respect for all ideas expressed during these events. I'm proud to say that over the past eight years, we've had over 1,500 events in 11 countries and I'm looking forward to upgrading our friendship skills together in a safe and respectful environment! :) Here's more information about our mission: https://meaningfuldiscussions.org/mission.html Background About The Friendship Bootcamp: Let's face it - nobody is born with good friendship skills. Most people don't learn them in school or from our parents, so most people aren't that great at it. The fact is that anyone can improve their friendship skills by knowing what their weakest areas are and applying the right strategies. The Friendship Bootcamp is a result of my five years of research interviewing psychologists, counsellors, and social workers who are on the front lines of the loneliness epidemic. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING DETAILS: 1. Latecomers will not be permitted in order for us to divide up the attendees into small groups of 5-7 people when the event begins. 2. All members are asked to listen to the specific Friendship Bootcamp podcasts prior to the event in the interest of stimulating your own thoughts and opinions on this subject. 3. Don't be afraid to sign up first to this event since I will cancel the event if less than 5 people sign up. If the event is full then please add yourself to the waiting list for the event. 4. Meaningful Discussions is operated under the Meaningful Events Association which is a not-for-profit society registered in BC, Canada. For more information please visit: http://www.meaningfuldiscussions.org/ Sincerely, Glen Brauer Founder & International Coordinator Meaningful Discussions

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Friendship Bootcamp - Part 1

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