• Meaningful Entertainment (lunch & discussion)

    Lalla Grill


    Here are the Food For Thought videos for this event: https://meaningfuldiscussions.org/meaningful-entertainment.html Meaningful Discussions events take place in 11 countries and this will be our 31st event in Monterey! :) Please be sure to ARRIVE ON TIME since everyone will be divided up to tables of 6 people at the start time. Also, please remember to watch at least one of the Food For Thought videos before you arrive. It's time to celebrate our favorite meaningful entertainment so be prepared to be inspired! How can we bring more meaningful entertainment into our lives? What makes some entertainment more meaningful than others? This event will provide the opportunity for a thoughtful, respectful and engaging discussion with Food For Thought videos, discussion facilitators at each table and discussion questions provided. So if you're looking for open-minded, friendly and intelligent people then you've come to the right place! PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING DETAILS: 1. All members are asked to watch at least one of the Food For Thought Videos prior to arrival in the interest of stimulating your own thoughts and opinions on this subject. 2. Don't be afraid to sign up first to this event since I will cancel the event if less than 5 people sign up. If the event is full then please add yourself to the waiting list for the event. 3. Please remember to arrive on time and bring exact change for the small fee. Meaningful Discussions is operated under the Meaningful Events Association which is a not-for-profit society registered in BC, Canada. 4. Your meal is not included in the price of this event but you are encouraged to arrive hungry in order for us to keep up a good relationship with the venue that hosts our events. For more information please visit: http://www.meaningfuldiscussions.org/ Thanks to our sponsor: PlanMaster - the easiest way to plan social activities with friends. https://planmaster.org