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What we’re about

Hi everyone,

The group:-

* is friendly and welcoming.
* facilitates people with different levels of interest in meat free food to meet, talk and eat together.

The meetups:-

* are regular & informal at different venues across Hong Kong SAR.
* when in restaurants try to facilitate sharing different dishes among all attending.
* thus have only all-vegan dishes ordered for the group as a 'low common denominator' within the different diets of the attendees. Hence we are a vegan food group in which anyone is welcome

The organisers:-

* are volunteers passionate about meat free food who organise on a strictly not-for-profit basis.
* select only 100% vegetarian venues for the restaurant roster.
* visit new restaurants prior to adding it to the meetup roster. This is to evaluate a restaurant's suitability for a meetup.
* always pay equal share at restaurant meetups. Costs of evaluation visits and to planning meetings with restaurants are borne by the organisers at no cost to the group.
* believe in the group to constructively showcase benefits of veg*anism and is not for any kind of organiser's financial gain.
Since we are a non profit social group rather than a business group we politely request marketing and promotional material is not:-
* posted in our group.
* included in member profiles.