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Heart Space at Seven Stones in Media PA offers a monthly calendar of Meditation, Yoga, Chi Gong, T'ai Chi Chih, Workshops, Shamanic Journey, Drumming, Circles, Sound Healing and much more. For event calendar visit heartspacemedia.com

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Soul Awakening Meditation

Heart Space at Seven Stones

Led by Denise Yocco $10 Exchange Developing this meditation to be in 3 parts. 1) to share a teaching, 2) to do the Soul Awakening practice meditation, 3) to explain the mantra and recite 108 times. This week: How to understand the Awakened Soul? This weeks mantra ~ Om Mani Padme Hum ~ Please feel welcome to bring your beads to chant with me, or if you like to enjoy the mantra in meditation. Being guided to share the practice regularly...weekly. These are the days and times that call us to expand all that is good and loving in us and share it with all and everyone that we find ourselves with. Having been practicing for the last few weeks this Soul Awakening practice I am so wanting to share it with others. It is a very powerful practice that has been created by my teacher James O'Dea. It is a Metta, or loving kindness meditation. What you may want to know: It is simple. It can be done numerous times during the day within the course of your day. Once you have done it, the invocations, which are just two words, become planted within. The seeds now just need watering...practice. It is powerful. The energy that flows during and after this practice is soft and flows easily from the heart. Also, you can feel that there are ripples of love flowing from you and all the places you have sent it. It is healing. Beginning with ourselves we decide to heal. What ever it is that needs attention within us and in our physical body, we put loving attention and soul awakening energy there. We then offer the same to all the places we send it. My feeling is that practicing in community will create a powerful environment for radiating peace within us and with all those we are in relationship with...which is everyone really. Soul Awakening is the next place we need to go to experience the shift in our world that will save humanity. I believe this deep within my being. We must arrive here to survive. It is my intention to offer this in Heart Space every first Monday of the month and every Wednesday at 1pm. Each Wed. there is a new reflection and a new mantra.

WolfSongs Drum Circle

Heart Space at Seven Stones

Circle is lovingly led by Christine Campbell of WolfSongs WolfSongs Medicine Music Community Sounds for Well Being (http://www.meetup.com/WolfSongs-Medicine-Music-WolfSongs-org-CreateChange/) "When We Drum We are One" A Ceremonial Drum Circle 3rd Fridays at Seven Stones New Heart SpaceWe Drum for Planetary and Personal PeaceWe Drum for Joy and We Drum for Deep HealingAll Ages Welcome - No Experience NecessaryExtra Drums are available Beginning in March we will start at 7:00 p.m. )$10.00 donation requested for adults. Children are free WolfSongs uses the creative exploration of community music and sound for Fun, Peace and to Create Personal and Planetary Change! We invite all who like to sing, drum, meditate and just listen to come and join in. We have all ages and experience and welcome all! We send our sound into the Center and out to the Whole for the Uplifting of All. We invite all drummers, singers, music makers, poets, dancers and deep listeners to join our joyful gatherings. Our Music circles have had music makers from 6 months to 80 plus years. We welcome and encourage diversity thru our musical unity. We have at least two monthly on - going drum circles. Usually on the third Friday of every month we are at Heart Space at Seven Stones in Media, Pa. at 7:00 p.m. Other drumming circles are at various places. We offer A Crystal Bowls, Bells, Vocals and Keys for Well Being once a month at Temenos. In WolfSongs we honor community and seek to include all. Many of us also volunteer and go to nursing homes and other facilities to drum and sing with residents. If you are interested - please send and e-mail to Christine - the organizer. We also have other circles at various times and locations. . All Good Medicine, Christine [masked] $10 Requested Exchange

Serene Sunday's ~ Tai Chi Chih and Meditation

Heart Space at Seven Stones


Serene Sunday’s ~ T’ai Chi Chih and Meditation Disconnect from the past week, ground yourself in the present, and enjoy a practice of T’ai Chi Chih and Meditation. T’ai Chi Chih is a series of 19 gentle moves and one pose designed to circulate and balance the vital energy within us. T’ai Chi Chih is thought of as a moving meditation because of the calming effect on the mind and emotions, and the release of tension throughout the body. Practicing T’ai Chi Chih may provide many benefits including: Calm the nervous system Reduce feelings of stress and fatigue Circulate and Balance your internal energy Increase physical energy and mental focus Strengthen the immune system Improve balance, flexibility and stamina Expand creativity and awareness Improve bone density and sleep Release of habit energies Pain relief Joy We will learn and practice T’ai Chi Chih and explore different styles of meditation. Treat yourself with these calming, balancing and mindful practices. 10:00am - 11:15am Sunday Mornings Kathleen is an accredited T’ai Chi Chih teacher who, is dedicated to helping students reduce stress and regain balance through this very user friendly moving meditation. She noticed as a student during the first class she attended, a strong flow of energy manifesting as heat. Because she has Raynauds syndrome, she was very excited to feel heat in her often cold hands. Kathleen was so inspired by the potential implication of this, that after years of practice became accredited to teach T’ai Chi Chih and explore energy healing further by learning and becoming certified in Reiki. Kathleen has taught in the Philadelphia suburbs in elementary schools, YMCA’s, various fitness centers, environmental centers and local libraries. This practice is her passion and she is excited to share the benefits of this mindful practice with everyone. For more information on T’ai Chi Chih please go to www.taichichih.org Click link below to preregister: http://www.heartspacemedia.com/events/serene-sundays-tai-chi-chih-and-meditation-2/

Meditation Monday

Heart Space at Seven Stones

Every Monday evening we have meditation. With our new teachers it is difficult, at this time, to know who will be doing the class. Also there are different meditation offered. Some Mondays we will have a Mindfulness Meditation and other times there may be a Journey Meditation. There will be guided and also mantra meditations. If it matters it is best to call us to see what sort of meditation we will have. [masked] Otherwise, except for holidays, we will have meditation in Heart Space at 6:30PM Thank you, Denise Yocco Heart Space at Seven Stones

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