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Heart Space at Seven Stones in Media PA offers a monthly calendar of Meditation, Yoga, Chi Gong, T'ai Chi Chih, Workshops, Shamanic Journey, Drumming, Circles, Sound Healing and much more. For event calendar visit heartspacemedia.com

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Meditation Monday

Heart Space at Seven Stones

Meditation is allowing your energy to turn inward into your ocean. Every Monday evening, except for holidays, we have meditation. Every first Monday there is a meditation for those just beginning a practice. Other Mondays offer a variety of practices. Each practice begins with a short discourse and explanation of the practice, meditation and discussion. Most also end with a loving kindness practice. If it matters what sort of practice, you should check the website or call. heartspacemedia.com[masked] Thank you, Denise Yocco Heart Space at Seven Stones

Soul Awakening Meditation

Heart Space at Seven Stones

Led by Denise Yocco $10 Exchange Every week the meditation may be different. I tend to offer a theme with some thought around that theme. We go into a meditation around that theme...carry it in, so to speak. We end with the Soul Awakening Practice, which is essentially a loving kindness, or metta practice. Being guided to share the practice regularly...weekly. These are the days and times that call us to expand all that is good and loving in us and share it with all and everyone that we find ourselves with. This meditation, as all those that I offer are gentle on our heart and spirit. Wanting to offer to everyone the allowance to self-love and the guidance to be gentle with yourself. It will always be love that we need more of. What you may want to know about the Soul Awakening Practice: It is simple. It can be done numerous times during the day within the course of your day. Once you have done it, the invocations, which are just two words, become planted within. The seeds now just need watering...practice. It is powerful. The energy that flows during and after this practice is soft and flows easily from the heart. Also, you can feel that there are ripples of love flowing from you and all the places you have sent it. It is healing. Beginning with ourselves we decide to heal. What ever it is that needs attention within us and in our physical body, we put loving attention and soul awakening energy there. We then offer the same to all the places we send it. My feeling is that practicing in community will create a powerful environment for radiating peace within us and with all those we are in relationship with...which is everyone really. It is my intention to offer this in Heart Space every first Monday of the month and every Wednesday at 1pm.

Heart Flow Yoga

Heart Space at Seven Stones


Heart Flow at Heart Space Facilitated by Natalie Strickler 200 hr Certified RYT Every 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th Wed. Just not the 1st. Yoga is a personal journey. Every time you step on your mat you are in a new moment then your previous practice. We are ever evolving and changing on our mat and off. Creating space for those changes allows a more heartfelt flow to happen. Slow it down on Tuesdays with Natalie and find a Heart Flow that serves you and your practice in the moment. Feel your shoulders release tension from the day and find rest. Feel your body stop and find ease in stillness. Allow yourself to be in a safe space to explore mindful meditation, connecting to mental and physical strengths within the body. In this class we will use blocks and blankets for extra cushioning and support to slip away and hold asanas with ease. Natalie is known for her classes at Enso, Jolly Llama, and Pop Fit. I am honored to have her here in Heart Space, slowing it down to heart expanding yoga meditation practice. nataliestrickler.com Please preregister if at all possible. https://www.heartspacemedia.com/events/heart-flow-yoga-at-heart-space-2020-01-15/

Daytime Reiki Share and Community Reiki at Heart Space

Heart Space at Seven Stones

Daytime Reiki Share and Community Reiki at Heart Space Making a change to every 3rd Thursday of every month from 12:30 to 2:30 pm, led by Joan Nikelsky (See practitioner bio). To begin in March. Reiki, which means “spiritually guided life force energy,” is a Japanese technique that helps with stress reduction and relaxation and can promote healing. The Reiki energy flows through the practitioner, who channels it to the client through a gentle hands-on touch, although it can also be done hands-off, if preferred by the client. Reiki treats the whole person on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – and usually leads to feelings of peace and well-being. This session is for experienced Reiki practitioners as well as newcomers interested in trying Reiki. People who have studied Reiki have an opportunity to practice with each other, while we also offer mini-sessions to those who have not been attuned to Reiki. Meeting in the daytime during the week is convenient for those with flexible schedules (self-employed, retired, etc.) and/or people who avoid evening events. All are welcome. You could even come on your lunch break if you work close by. The fee is on a sliding scale of $10-20, payable at the site (call for special rate for unemployed). Please bring a check or exact change. Dress comfortably. Sessions will be on a massage table or a reclining chair. RSVPs are appreciated, which will help us with setting up and timing sessions. Contact Joan Nikelsky at [masked] or[masked]. Private Reiki and/or chakra balancing sessions of one-half hour or one hour can also be arranged before or after the Reiki Share. Contact Joan for sliding scale information and available times. Joan Nikelsky’s Practitioner I have had a long-time interest in health and natural healing, which led me to learn and practice Reiki, a gentle but effective hands-on treatment that promotes the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of the client. I love the soothing feeling a Reiki session evokes and the meditative state it induces in my clients and myself. I completed 3 levels of Reiki training, plus Master Practitioner, and studied Reiki Okuden, as taught by the International House of Reiki, from Myra Reichel of the Reiki Healing Center in Media. I have given full sessions to clients and have led Reiki Shares and Community Reiki clinics since 2009. In addition, I have volunteered at over 30 health fairs, community group gatherings, Media Fairs, and special events offering Reiki mini-sessions to the public to give people unfamiliar with this modality an opportunity to try it out. Then in 2011, I learned a chakra balancing technique which I can incorporate into my sessions; it is a powerful technique that balances the chakras and clears the energy field around the body. My other interests in the area of health and healing are fitness, nutrition, complementary medicine, and yoga. In addition, I have been a social change activist on issues of the environment, women’s empowerment, worker’s rights, and social class/economic justice. I am committed to making Reiki financially accessible to a wider population. For two years, I volunteered time every month doing mini-sessions for low-income, elderly, and handicapped residents in a subsidized-rent apartment building in Philadelphia. Associated with the Reiki Healing Center in Media since 2008, I have always offered a sliding scale fee based on income level for private sessions, and requested a donation or sliding scale fee when leading Reiki Shares and Community Reiki. For detailed information on my sliding scale and/or to schedule an appointment, contact me at [masked] or[masked]

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