What we're about

Israel is a leader in medical marijuana applications for a variety of uses.
This group is for patients, researchers, caregivers, politicians, and entrepreneurs that are interested in promoting the medical application of marijuana/cannabis in Israel.
We will get together to discuss treatment options for patients eligible for medical marijuana in Israel, plus explain the methods of use based on research and experience. You will learn about the proper use of marijuana, and how it may or may not be able to replace other prescription drugs.
While the use of medical marijuana is catching steam in Israel, there remains a "stigma" among doctors, patients, and society about the use of marijuana to treat chronic medical issues; we wish to help society feel more comfortable with using medical marijuana without the stigma.
Furthermore, we will discuss breakthroughs in medical marijuana research, legalization of medical marijuana for new medical applications such as dealing with side effects of autism, and Israel's involvement in the global medical marijuana industry.

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