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Westside - Weekly Medical Qigong Classes
8:30am: Beginner ($12) 9:30am: Qigong Practice ($5) 10:00am: Intermediate / Advanced Class ($12) Beginners and newbies welcome! We have classes Saturday mornings on the Westside. What is Medical Qigong? Medical Qigong are holistic exercises (body mind spirit) that have been developed, refined and practiced in China for thousands of years. They are used for whole-body wellness, disease prevention, longevity, healthy aging and self-healing. The exercises are simple, easy to learn, and gentle on the body. They can aid the body’s healing process, strengthen the immune system, calm the mind and balance the emotions. Most people can practice Qigong regardless of age or physical fitness.

The Learning Garden

Corner of Walgrove and Venice Blvd · Venice, CA