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What we’re about

Welcome to Medical Qigong & Chinese Taoist Medicine Los Angeles! We have classes and events in Los Angeles
Practice medical Qigong for health, wellness, self-healing, and spiritual cultivation with Henry Jun Wah Lee, L.Ac., Physician of Chinese Medicine and Licensed Acupuncturist. Learn different aspects of Chinese Taoist Medicine. Henry is a 39th generation taoist healer as well as a student of world renowned Qi Gong Grand Master Hong Liu.
Why learn Medical Qi Gong? The exercises are powerful, simple to learn, easy to practice, and readily accessible to people of various ages, abilities and skill levels. Whether you are interested in self healing or discovering your inner purpose, Qi Gong is for you. Beginner classes focus on foundation building and self-healing. Advanced forms focus on deeper practices of qi cultivation and spiritual development.
Come practice with us to see what medical Qigong is all about.
More more information, you can also visit Henry's website: