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Recent research demonstrates the importance of our Mycobiomes for Neurogenesis, Immunomodulation, Adaptatogenics, and Psychological health. Moreover, research in mycoremediation has shown that fungi are efficient in the degradation of every type of environmental pollutant (Prasad 2017). The use of Fungi for food, medicine and bioremediation is an emerging science, knowing how to cultivate, identify and prepare fungi is paramount to the evolution of our species and MycoBios would like to share our research with budding mycologists.

Fungi have been allies in both health and vitality throughout human existence. We evolved from Fungi some 500 million years ago and have until recently, forgotten our allyship. MycoBios is a group of environmental conservationists dedicated to increasing health, education and environmental restoration and remembering our ambassadorship to Fungi.

MycoBios Education will be releasing a series of workshops cover Mycology, Cultivation and Medicinal Properties of Fungi. Learn to cultivate your own food and medicine.

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Mushroom Cultivation for The People

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Mushroom Cultivation for The People 1 Day Crash Course

Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism

Mushroom Cultivation for The People

Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism

Introduction to Fungal Pharmacology

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