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Usui Reiki Levels 1&2 Workshop
WHY LEARN REIKI? To activate the innate healing ability within so that you cannot only heal yourself, but heal your family members, friends, pets, plants and the planet! The Earth is changing! In fact, many spiritual leaders are claiming we have entered the New Earth. Some call this "the Golden Age" What this means is that as a humanity, we are waking up! We are becoming more and more aware of our own intuitive abilities; we are believing in the spiritual realm, angels, guides and the possibility of deceased loved ones communicating with us; we are recognizing that there are more ways to heal the body then the medical community is willing to accept and most important, we are learning to trust in our hearts! Reiki is the perfect way to further this process of awakening! WHAT IS REIKI? It is universal life-force energy. It combines with and activates the innate energy that exists in everything to promote wellness and healing on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It brings the body, mind and spirit into proper alignment and harmony. Level 1 focuses on physical and self-healing. Level 2 focuses on healing at the mental and emotional level; healing our early years as well as past lives. It assists with addictions and clears negative thinking patterns. Combined, this course prepares the Reiki practitioner to begin healing themselves, others and the world! In addition to the Reiki training, you will learn the very powerful HeartMath technique that brings the physical, emotional and mental systems into coherent alignment with the heart's intelligence. You will also have the opportunity to clear away any blockages, programs, belief systems running prior to beginning the course through ThetaHealing. Both of these techniques will ensure you are a clear channel for the Reiki energy. Learn in the field of quantum scalar wave frequencies through several quantum scalar wave devices to enhance your experience! Drink Structured water to assist in the absorption of nutrients into your cells and to eliminate harmful toxins! Note: Those who already have level 1 and wish to receive level 2 can still attend and receive a refresher at no charge followed by level 2. Investment $363 Bring a bag lunch. Refreshments and healthy snacks provided. Cost: $500 for both levels ($100 deposit to hold your space) This combined course gives you a $126 discount. Payment plan options available upon request.

Divine Guidance

11 Greenwood Court SW · Medicine Hat, AB

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Come and connect with like-minded people in a safe and trusting atmosphere where we will discuss topics such as love, consciousness, spiritualism, alternative and complimentary healing modalities, nutrition and overall well-being. Together, we will learn how to release blockages and limiting beliefs and challenge societal conditioning and patterning that may be holding us back from moving forward in this life! We will meditate, put out intentions to bring about inner and outer peace, chant, sing, listen to music, drum and share stories. This transformational evening will be enhanced through the Quantum Scalar Wave instruments of the Awaken, Harmony/Oneness and Tesla IQubes bathing us in the frequencies for emotional energy clearing and protection; enlightenment and bliss; activating the theta love glands; resting in ocean waves; awakening our organs; empowering us and enhancing peak performance; focus; spirit molecule; frontal lobe tune-up; heart chakra tune-up; relaxation/ohm and peace. The use of sound and scalar energy assists the group in removing the energetic blockages that hold us back from finding the inner guidance that exists within all of us.

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