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Historical European Medieval Martial Arts in Frisco!
Ongoing training and study of the "Arte e Scientia d'Armizare" ("Art & Science of Armed Fighting") of Italian medieval fight-master Fiore dei Liberi, AND in the medieval 1.33 Sword & Buckler system. Yes, the medieval Europeans had their own martial art systems! ARTE E SCIENTIA D'ARMIZARE Using medieval manuscripts we are studying and practicing what European professional soldiers (mercenaries) and nobles learned about mortal combat 600 years ago in northern Italy, from fightmaster Fiore dei Liberi. The Arte e Scientia d'Armizare, which survives today in the form of several manuscripts in museums, includes hand to hand combat/grappling, dagger fighting, longsword fighting and fighting with a seven foot spear. Your "Istruttore" (Instructor) in Fiore's Arte e Scientia d'Armizare is Colin Hatcher, a martial artist of 40 years, beginning in 1977, with over 20 years as an instructor. In addition to a long history with the Eastern martial arts Colin has also been studying and teaching the Historical European Martial Arts (known as "HEMA") for 18 years. 1.33 SWORD & BUCKLER Also known as "The Tower Manuscript" the MS I.33 is a German fencing manual dating to the 1320s, and is the earliest extant treatise on Medieval martial arts. it is believed to have been devised by a priest, possibly named Liutger, and was owned by Franconian monks until the 1500s. "Sword & Buckler" refers to a one handed sword held in the right hand and a small shield (buckler) held in the left hand. The art of fighting with sword & buckler involves learning how to use sword and buckler together for both defense and attack. Your Istruttore in the medieval 1.33 Sword & Buckler system is Mike McCoy. This meet-up is run by historical European martial arts (HEMA) school "Accademia del Leone" ("The Academy of the Lion"), founded in 2014. No prior knowledge or skill is required. You will find us a welcoming group and safety is a priority. Please wear comfortable clothing and don't forget to bring water to keep hydrated.

Bicentennial Park

9375 Sunset Dr · Frisco

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Interested in historical medieval martial arts? Come study and practice the "Arte d'Armizare" (Art of Armed Combat) of 14th-15th century Italian medieval master of arms Fiore dei Liberi. Included in his highly efficient martial system is medieval unarmed grappling and striking, dagger, longsword, and spear. Beginners welcome. No previous experience nor equipment necessary. You will find this a friendly and welcoming group and safety is a priority.

This meetup is part of historical European martial arts group Accademia del Leone (Academy of the Lion)

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