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" Highest Joy is Highest Truth" - Lama Ole Nydahl

Thats the state of mind one wishes to be in all the time. To support and help each other to discover our true nature, thats why we meet and meditate together. Diamondway Buddhism is an offer for everyone who wants to benefit from Buddhas timeless values and effective methods, and at the same time be in the world and function well - but not been carried away by everyday´s life struggle. Thats just one aspect of training the Pure View.

Diamondway-Buddhism, a lay-branch of Tibetan Karma Kagyue Lineage, is build on friendship, power of joy and lots of idealism around the world. Starting with two friends living in Taiwan/Taipei, who are longterm students of HH Karmapa Thaye Dorje, Lama Ole Nydahl and other Teachers of our Lineage, we like to share this approach for everyone interested - Taiwanese and Foreigners living here as well.


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Working with disturbing Emotions


Is there a way to discover the hidden wisdom in seemingly disturbing feelings, and how to get to this insight? This talk will be about bringing awareness to all kind of unwanted mindsets , which changes the whole game..... We are glad to have Buddhist Teacher Tasso Kallianiotis from New York City here in Taipei for this talk. He has been a practicing Buddhist for over 35 years and spends the majority of his personal time teaching, leading Buddhist courses and retreats throughout North and South America and Europe. He lives with his family in the US and works as an IT trainer and consultant. The lecture will be in English (Chinese translation only on request) To cover costs for renting the venue, please help with a donation of 250 NT - Thanks for Your support :-) No previous experiences required, this evening is open to everyone For more information go to: www.diamondway-buddhism.org or our local FB: www.facebook.com/taipeigompa/

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The Four Basic Thoughts

MRT NanShiJiao, Exit 4 outside

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