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Charlotte, NC

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Nov 26, 2013


Last November marked 21 years since I left "home life" seeking training to follow the path of the Buddha full-time: as a nun. I learned the wisdom path of Theravada Buddhist monks of Sri Lanka, and enjoy sharing it. Let's sit together sometime.

Welcome! Please briefly share what inspires you to join our group.

I'm inspired by your interest in using the Buddha's teachings to develop long-lasting happiness for yourself and those around you.

Any days or times that you'd prefer to meet? (examples: "Tues. mornings" "Sat. evenings" "Any afternoon" "Weeknights")

Somewhat flexible.

Would you like to join: Meditations for uplift, for health, for Moms/kids, for insight, for personal growth/ peace of mind, for women-only, or something else? Interested in lectures on the Buddha's teachings? Discussion groups?

Let me know how I can be of service to you on your path to happiness and well-being.