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What we’re about

We are a small group of friends that have been meeting at Shelley's Fitness in Soquel (East side of Santa Cruz) on Monday nights since 2012. During meditation some of us sit in chairs, while others sit on cushions or lie on the floor. There is no proselytising or direct affiliation with any sect, group or religion. In a typical meditation circle with new people, one person gently leads the session in a grounding, attentive connection to the body via innate awareness. In attending to sensation in the body, disruptive thoughts are gently let go of, into clean, clear awareness. Meditations are sometimes lightly led & the space is held in simplicity & gentle direct awareness. We offer support for each other in dialogue, Q&A or other programs, including breath awareness and diaphramatic breathwork excersize. We are sharing from personal experience & from awareness writings, including Buddhist teachers & practice. We have found useful teachings and methods inside and outside a Buddhist context. The meditation we offer is unintrusive, simple & known to be effective in quieting and bringing the attention inward... to source. It's not necessary to have any prior training or belief. This practice can help stabilize the distracted, busy mind known as the discursive intellect that is connected to difficult emotions, confused thoughts & conditioned ways of thinking. What we are doing is syncing together in direct experience of awareness & grounding in "what is" with others who want to establish healing and liberation in daily life. 

We are oriented towards the ongoing support of a weekly group. Everything is optional.

Come check it out!

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