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Law Of Attraction & The Real You Workshop
Are you ready to find out who you truly are and why you are here?! Are you ready to embody and enjoy the limitless potentiality of your true nature? Are you ready to release all that is holding you back, and lead yourself to the life you're truly meant to live?! :-) Join us at this leading edge workshop at Glasgow Theosophical Building (2 min walk from St George's Cross subway and 5 min walk from Charing Cross), where you will be inspired to connect within, uncover and be the Real You, and gain valuable insight and perspective into the workings of the Law Of Attraction, and how best to utilise this power in your day to day life in a way that allows you to find and be your unique and authentic true self and create the life experience that you truly desire! In this workshop you will gain valuable perspective/information, including: - the workings of mind, body, and the infinitely larger and more powerful 'third part of you'. - How to best work with these three aspects in right relationship to: a) identify what you truly desire, b) identify and release current non-beneficial beliefs/mind-conditioning, c) consciously and deliberately choose the thoughts and emotions that feel great and attract what you truly desire! - The true nature of You and the reason we are here in this physical reality! - How to be your own power source and be completely fulfilled, regardless of what is or isn't in your life experience! - The small perspective switch that can lead you to your life purpose and really get the Law Of Attraction working for you! and much much more!! At the event you will enjoy: Mindful Breathing Exercise • Hearing Leading Edge Life Wisdom/Perspective • Fun Sharing/Discussion • Practical Written Exercises To Enjoy And Benefit From At Home • Alignment Techniques and Practices • Vibration-setting Meditation, and Q&A! Every workshop is delivered instinctively, intuitively and in a fun interactive manner, which leads to every event being different, covering varying extra topics and being more tailored to the exact and unique participants in attendance; throughout the workshop, and especially so at the Q&A section where we can really address the specific areas that you would like to address! So whether you are a first time attendee, or have been to a previous workshop and would like further guidance/inspiration on what you have learned and begun practicing/integrating into your life, it is an equally beneficial experience! The Workshop is being held in the City Centre, in the Library Room on the 2nd floor at Glasgow Theosophical Building (easy to find as it is the only room on the 2nd floor!). May I ask that you arrive 10 minutes early to get settled and for on time start. I look forward to meeting you there! :-) "Great workshop! It was great to meet all the group, it's lovely to meet like minded people, the value of discussion on the points raised and discussed gave me some very positive energies. I felt like we all could have continued on discussing after the time had ran out, very positive" Judy, 7th Aug "Just a wonderful way to spend two hours. Positive energy and deep connections!" Mo, 22nd Oct "Insightful and intuitive, very thought provoking" David, 7th Aug "Enjoyed it a lot, feel very inspired, Gordon is lovely with a great aura" Susi, 22nd Oct "As always, brilliant talk and information" Anne, 7th Aug

Glasgow Theosophical Building

17 Queens Crescent · Glasgow


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This life experience is a journey that we’re all on! We each have a unique purpose, a unique experience, unique passions, and a unique skill-set……and, much more importantly, a deeper nature to our self, of which most of us are unaware even exists! There is a part of us (which is ultimately our true nature!), from which arises immeasurable peace, love, joy, growth, fulfillment, empowerment, wisdom, purpose, passion, abundance, creativity, confidence, and a sense of feeling whole, complete, fulfilled and at home in this world! It is the true nature of every human being and all things, and we are here to realize it, feel it, be it, and have it be the awareness from which we allow our unique, amazing, wonderful self and life experience to emerge/unfold/arise!

One of the most powerful and effective ways to access our true nature is meditation! Through the joyful and peaceful process of focusing inwards, we allow ourselves to realize and release what is false and detrimental to our life, and discover and become the truth of who and what we truly are! From here we gain a true, deeper, perspective of life, and how it works, and can then begin to live in a way that is truly aligned with the unique and unlimited experience that we’re meant to live!

At any Meditation Glasgow event, a safe, peaceful and loving space is provided where you can be inspired to find this true-nature place within yourself, as is guidance and support in doing so, and in your experience in general! Although this journey to realizing and becoming your true nature and your true self is one that is ultimately undertaken by you and you alone, the group meditation environment is of immense value and benefit! We are all connected in the most amazing way, and for those of you who additionally wish to have the experience, it is a great space to make connections and companions with like-minded and resonant people along the way!

Thank you for visiting this page, and I look forward to meeting you at an event soon! :-)

Love and best wishes,

Gordon x

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