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What we’re about

"We hope People around the world will be happy!!!"

In Meditation Hanoi, Human Mind Changes to Infinite Universe Mind

Meditation Hanoi is a simple 7-step guided method of subtraction that allows you to become free of your human mind by changing to the infinite universe mind.

The human mind is an accumulation of pictures that is stored within your brain. These pictures dectate thoughts, emotions, dsires, behaviors, decision and health. Although  they are illusions, humans unknowingly live inside the illusions in their mind thinking that they are real.

Through Meditation Hanoi, you will become free from the pictures, hence, become free from the illusionary false world which is the human mind. No longer trapped in the human mind, you will find your true purpose, and reach th state of eternal happiness.

Why Meditation Hanoi brings happiness?

People look for happiness outside of themselves, not knowing how to find it from within. They attempt to find happiness in their lives by changing their environment; they seek new relationships, change careers, try new hobbies, change their diet, move to another city, or read self-help books. However, happiness has never been permanent because human mind changes as conditions continuously change.

There is a unique Method to find true happiness

True happiness can be found when the human mind changes to the infinite universe mind. Meditation has the unique method of subtraction to discard the false self and the false world that oneself lives in. You will then find unconditional happiness and live as the eternal never changing mind of the true world.

If you want to find true happiness, please visit us!  Because we have the method to reach to eternal happiness!!!