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Hello! The intention of this group is to reveal the innate wellness and peace that resides in each of us. We'll accomplish this through connecting with our highest self, angels and guides.

You are welcome to visit my YouTube Channel to get a sense of the work - https://www.youtube.com/c/MarkMezadourian/

As each of us in naturally intuitive and, at the core, well, our goal will be to simply allow these energies to flow freely. So, in truth, this group is for anyone who resonates with living a life of peace, vitality and wellness.

I’m Mark Mezadourian, an intuitive specializing in connecting with the realm of Spirit Guides. My work encompasses the core of all spiritual traditions – peace and love – and helps people realize their dreams and live a fulfilling life. The goal of the work is to access spirituality from a heart-centered yet practical perspective, and put it into action. Sessions and workshops focus on allowing the connection with our intuitive self and guides to be fluid and familiar through specific exercises, meditations and awareness. Through this, we can create the conditions to live authentically as our unique selves as we grow, excel and share our gifts with the world.
I look forward to connecting with you!

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Healing with the Angels (Mystic Journey in Santa Monica)

Needs a location

Angels embody unconditional love.
Unconditional love means that no matter what has happened, or what has not happened, we are loved. While we often view our lives through the lens of worth and deserving, the angels see us only with unconditional love. They know us intimately and love us fully.

In this workshop, we will engage with the angels and ask them to heal every aspect of our lives, such as anxiety, agitation and fear. We will do this by first clearing the energy of our encounters and environments with Archangel Michael, followed by connecting with healing angels, such as Archangel Raphael. We will use simple and repeatable techniques throughout. A fascinating aspect of working with angels is that our bodies respond instantly to their care, which strengthens our relationship with them. We then have more access to freedom, confidence and expansion. Come and connect deeply with the angels and be filled up with love.

$30 for the workshop.
$85 for the workshop plus a 30 minutes intuitive reading with Mark (to be scheduled for a different time).
$150 for the workshop plus a 60 minutes intuitive reading with Mark (to be scheduled for a different time).
Please register either on Venmo (@Mark-Mezadourian) or on my website using the link below:

The workshop will be held at:
Mystic Journey Bookstore
2923 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90291

Mark Mezadourian is an intuitive specializing in connecting with angels and guides. Accessing spirituality with heart-centered practicality is the goal of his work. Please visit his YouTube channel where there are free playlists to support empaths, healing, relaxation and building a relationship with the angels. For information on all events and intuitive readings, please visit www.markmezadourian.com.

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Healing with the Angels (Online on Zoom)

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