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This group generally welcomes everyone.

This Meetup is about how to meditate by using life force, also known as qi gong(yin and yang) energy, chakra energy, and etc...

Level 2.
There will be three-divided sessions, physical interpretation in body mechanics, practical uses of internal energy in meditation, and automatic energy flowing in body unconsciously. If some of you wonder how this non sense works in physical reality, I can explain how they work a step by step with physics or biology perspectives.

Level 1.
Before getting into this sessions, there are another three stages of meditations that must be achieved for those who tried to go more depth of energy meditation (the details will be provided during the session)
There are 6 levels of meditation techniques, but I am only sharing from 0 to 2

Level 0.
Why is this meditation different from other meditation ?
This meditation is not just closing eyes and relaxation, but it is tapping into the different type of intellectuality, often labeled spiritual practice, or psychic paranormality. Let me tell you. The reality that we perceive is limited by our perceptions whose degree we allow. The mindset during meditation should be free from our pre-known knowledge and perceptions.

How is this meditation beneficial to our life?
I believe the ultimate way to achieve the life lessons is through happiness and Joy during the life time. To do so, meditation is a key.

"Many sorrowness come from a lack of self awareness. It is peace of mind that you find during the struggle of knowing self. Happiness is not externally achieved, but internally achieved. It is joy that you find during the internal achievement. Deepness is not intentionally grasped, but unintentionally realized. It is self that you lose during the insight.Selflessness is not forgetting about self, but it is to abandon self ego. It is the way to achieve enlightenment."

If you are interested in this group, and willing to expand our consciousness, this group will be yours

The first session of meditation will be $5, and the detail will be provided in person.

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