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We have two types of meditation Maitreya Meditation and Silent Sitting

Join the Maitreya Meditation!

One of the root causes of human misery of this modern time is the absence of us being present. Most often we just exist as a mind, a collection of thoughts and belief systems, rarely being aware of the existence of others and of our own presence. By existing solely in the mind and not in the actual reality, we miss the life we are here to live out.

The Maitreya Meditation has been created by as a global peace effort to re- establish the truth that there is a presence to each human being beyond the existence of the mind. It is an incredible exercise that helps you be freed of the mind and to provoke your state of being to come alive. This meditation is the very base that has to be mastered before any real transformation can happen.

Join the Silent Sitting Meditation!

Join us for an hour of entering a silent space within you, a space just for you, beyond any distractions and influences.

Dhyan Vimal’s Silent Meditation method offers you a held-space to gently encounter what is there by just being silent with you. In the silence we can come back to who we really are. Unaffected by the outside world, free of influence, we wake up to the best of what we can be.

To learn more about the Maitreya Meditation or Silent Meditation, welcome to visit our free Masterclass library;

www.dhyanvimalinstitute.com/masterclass (http://www.dhyanvimalinstitute.com/masterclass?fbclid=IwAR0Qs0gO7JqlyznpNiNn1LbH-xCUL33UFng2JJxv1d62yHOa_Xgotcu17ac)

The Meditation Format

• Short video lectures by Dhyan Vimal

• Silent sitting

• Ancient breathing methods

• The Samadhi Sleep method

• Celebration

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Live talk on meditation, personal growth and enlightenment

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DV Meditation Hour online (happening daily)

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DV Meditation Hour online (happening daily)

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