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Open your senses and follow me on a journey where neuroscience meets ancient wisdom. Access inner peace, slow the swirl down and become your true self. Everything is within you. Be patient, the universe is working out the details for you.
Are you ready to live your life in slow motion and let it unfold?

I am a doctor trained in cancer biology and neuroscience and certified meditation and restorative yoga teacher, that is I will always be a beginner embarked on a life time journey! I am constantly training in mindfulness, energy healing, meditation, yoga and...integrative medicine to bring you the last breakthroughs in holistic health.
Most of my trainings are done with teachers in the US and UK and... I'm glad to also have found spiritual guides in our dear Belgium!

I would be happy to travel with you and live an exciting adventure mixing the latest scientific discoveries on the healing power of reprogramming our brain and body using meditation (breathing, sounds, mantra, chanting...). We will also use ancient wisdom teachings to understand what is meditation and what it means to you personnaly. It would be my honor to help you start a practice or reinforce your practice. Meditation can change your life.

You are all welcome, people from all walks of life, horizons and religions. I am not in a box and will try and bring you an open approach to all the sacred powers we have within ourselves. I'm sure you feel there is this something inside of you you are not sure how to reach. Let's discover it, empower yourself and become the best version of yourself.
Love and Light.

Namasté, Edith🌟

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