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The ultimate freedom is to have a completely clear and free mind. The human mind is always changing and is always trying to add more desirable experiences. There is no end to this addition. The way to find peace and clarity is to know the real world, the True world, by subtracting the past that has been recorded and stored within the body and mind as pictures.

<br> There is nothing more valuable than one's mind. It shapes the entire world that one knows. Through subtracting in Tangerang Meditation the Universe mind will remain.  This mind is always at peace regardless of conditions. It is the mind where there is no more ups and downs.

<br> Become free of the limitations imposed by the past. These pictures dictate thoughts, emotions, desires, behaviors and health. Although these pictures are illusions, people unknowingly live within these illusions thinking they are real.

<br> Tangerang Meditation is a non-profit organization that exists for the sole purpose of bringing people out of the mind world they are living in that includes stress, fear, anxiety, sadness, loneliness, resentment, anger, judgment, separation, boredom, purposelessness... all sorts of pain and burden.

<br> The human mind is an accumulation of pictures of the past which create false limitations, habits, and a fixed, narrower mind. By subtracting the human mind with the method of Tangerang Meditation, people can remove the source of all disturbances. Even one's body will become healthier through practice since stress and other emotions cause so many health problems.

<br> People live according to what they have in their minds. Through subtraction one's mind will change to the Universe mind and always follow the flow of nature. People will come to clearly know meaning and purpose in living.

<br> Everyone from any background is warmly welcomed. Come to know Truth directly from within without any reference to what one has found or been told in the past. Tangerang Meditation does not tell people to believe or not believe something, but through subtraction, they confirm for themselves. When the human mind changes to the Universe mind it is born again and never dies.

<br> --- What People Say About the Meditation ---

<br> "Throughout my entire life I always felt like there was something missing. So I kept adding more and became stressed, but this Meditation was just the opposite. Instead of adding, this Meditation provided a simple method of subtraction. After subtracting my past I began to change my mind; how I viewed the world. The method of subtraction allowed me to get rid of my 'self' and my self-centered mind which controlled my speech, thought, and action. subtraction Meditation allows me to live freely, without judgment and with gratitude." - Ben / Foster City, CA

<br> "subtraction Meditation transcends the boundaries of all religions. It will elevate the human mind to the highest level of existence; the level of divinity. That is where peace is; the element that is meant to control the universe. Once we achieve a permanent peace, we can give it to others." -Dr. Charles Marcieca / International Association of Educators for World Peace. UN-NGO

<br> "I have tried other forms of meditation in the past, but none stuck because they lacked the method of subtraction. Shortly after I started subtraction Meditation I found that I began to clear my mind and open my heart to a new Joyous feeling." -Clara / Santa Clara, CA

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