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"Self-Improvement & Empowerment"

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In order to be Happy, You have to:

• Clear Your Past from Traumas and mini-traumas,

• Empower your Inner Child (Improve Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence),

• Develop Positive Attitude towards life,

• Do Fun Activities to stay Happy.

For brave people this will be short journey, for others much much longer.


Young People (18 to 25) who are members of this group will get 3 FREE ChangeWork one-on-one Private Sessions (Deep Relaxation, Stress Reduction, Improvement, Past Life Exploration or Emotional Healing). If you're interested contact me by sending meetup message to only me ( DAN, Organizer) and tell me what do you want to accomplish. I'll accept only serious youth who are ready for this kind of change work.

Begin Journey That Will Change Your Life !

Dan Jankovich, BSc, CHt
Stress Expert & Emotional Healer

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