What we're about

Meditation to empower you, to help you increase self-esteem and self-belief so you can move forward in your life, fearlessly!

In our incredibly busy lives, it is important to have ‘me’ time to balance, harmonise and uplift ourselves, so we can be at our best at all times. It really is easy to get lost within others.

These meditation workshops will really help you to get to know yourself, to connect with your inner core of being. Allow you to become more self aware, regulate your emotions and balance your body awareness.

It's important to open the mind and move with the changes happening around us.

Don't fight it, flow with it.

These meditation workshops are unique

As well as being taken through a guided meditation, you will experience healing from shamanic drumming and other sound therapies from around the World. You will gain insight from intuitive healing cards and
combining all of the above with healing essence room sprays, you will feel the deep relaxation that we all need so much nowadays.


• releases endorphin in the brain (happy hormones)

• reduces stress and builds the immune system

• produces deeper self-awareness and self-realisation

• releases negative feelings and emotional trauma

• helps to connect with self and others

• helps to connect with natural rhythms around us

• creates fun

Sessions are held in Fleet and Basingstoke.

At The Therapy Lounge in Fleet, yoga mats and blankets are provided.

At Lychpit Hall in Basingstoke, bring your own mat, cushion and blanket. If you need to borrow anything, let me know in advance.

Prior booking required via meetup or 07578 445 666

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