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Interested in guided meditation, mindfulness, stress relief, personal growth, inner peace and happiness? This group is for you!

Learn to calm the mind, become more peaceful, balanced and focused not just for the duration of the meditation but in daily life. Find the inner peace and happiness we all seek. Develop a more positive outlook, improve the quality of life and gain the power to help others. There is a class suitable for everyone – whatever their level of interest, from those who seek simple relaxation to those interested in Buddhism. For more information http://www.meditateinwellington.org

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Death - Teachings for A Happy Life

Paraparaumu Library

We are alive therefore we will die. This is the simplest, most obvious truth. Contemplating our own mortality leads to a profoundly worry-free and happy life. By cutting through our worldly concerns, the meditation on death quickly eliminates all our ordinary worries and anxieties. On this day course Kelsang Shechog will explain the meditation on death and how it destroys our desirous attachment, thereby leading us to an enjoyable and successful spiritual life. Following the day course those who wish to can enjoy a day of guided retreat with Kelsang Shechog. Take the meditation on death deeper into your heart, allowing it to leave a powerful impression on your mind and your life. This day retreat will be held in silence (silence will begin after everyone has arrived). The day course and retreat are suitable for beginners as well as those who already have some meditation experience. Everyone is welcome. THE TEACHER Kelsang Shechog is the Resident Teacher of Kadampa Meditation Centre Wellington. Shechog is much loved for her gentle manner, inner strength and clear, skillful teachings. COST & BOOKING Saturday Day Course: $60.00 Sunday Retreat: $45.00 Saturday and Sunday: $90.00 Refreshments are provided, however bring our own lunch to enjoy at our Meditation Centre or take a short stroll to enjoy the nearby Island Bay cafes. For more information or to book https://meditateinwellington.org/death-course/

How To Transform Your Life - An Inspirational Evening with Gen Kelsang Rabten

Join international teacher and Buddhist monk Gen Kelsang Rabten, as he reveals the clear, practical and proven methods for transforming our mind. By using these methods we experience inner stillness, enjoy harmonious relationships, and develop the ability to be happy all the time. Gen Kelsang Rabten is visiting Wellington as part of a two week visit to New Zealand. He is the National Spiritual Director of New Zealand, Australia and Southeast Asia, and has taught modern Kadampa Buddhism for more than 25 years. Gen Rabten is much loved for his insight, humour and practical explanations of meditation and Buddhism. COST & BOOKING Cost $22 | $10 for Centre members For more information or to book https://meditateinwellington.org/how-to-transform-your-life/

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The Blessing Empowerment of Medicine Buddha

Kadampa Meditation Centre Wellington

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