What we're about

We are a world wide organization dedicated to transforming lives through

meditation. At our events, you will learn about the many benefits of meditation and

how meditation can improve your life. You will also receive instructions on how to

meditate and have an opportunity to practice this simple meditation technique.

Anyone who is curious about meditation, wants to connect with a group to meditate

together, progress spiritually or is simply curious about us is welcome to attend.

For groups that can accommodate children you can add: We also offer programs for

children to learn meditation that can help them in many ways. The meditation practice taught by Science of Spirituality is unique in its simplicity and effectiveness and is of free of charge.

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Blueprint for Spiritual Awakening

3001 West Grand Parkway

Each of us has a quiet voice inside us that whispers to us in silence. Some say it is the voice of our soul calling to us. We can ignore it and go about our business or we can listen. What is it trying to tell us, and how can we tune into it so we can hear it more clearly? All are welcome! This event is free of charge. Facilitated by: Suraaj Bhatia, Harold Berjohn & Mary Kay Berjohn For more information, contact: Suraaj Bhatia Email: [masked] Phone:[masked]

Helping Factors in Meditation

3001 West Grand Parkway

You are invited to join in this workshop to focus on meditation and explore specific and practical ways to improve our practice. Only through meditation can we experience spiritual realization. The spiritual path is a scientific path. It is one in which we need to test spiritual truths for ourselves. Meditation is a way in which we can experience these truths for ourselves. We should go within, see the inner Light of God for ourselves, and hear the inner Music of God for ourselves. We should do our meditation practices diligently. We should sit in meditation with full devotion, accuracy, and regularity to experience the inner treasures for ourselves. We should be filled with passion to experience firsthand the truths. The workshop will include meditation, readings, videos and discussion. Facilitator: Harold Berjohn All are welcome. Admission is free. For more information, contact: Suraaj Bhatia Email: [masked] Phone:[masked]

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The Secret to Living Consciously

3001 West Grand Parkway

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