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We are a world wide organization dedicated to transforming lives through meditation. At our events you will learn about the many benefits of meditation and how meditation can improve your life. You will also receive instructions on how to meditate and have an opportunity to practice this simple meditation technique. Anyone who is curious about meditation, wants to connect with a group to meditate together, progress spiritually or is simply curious about us is welcome to attend. The meditation practice taught by the Science of Spirituality is unique in its simplicity and effectiveness and is free of charge.

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Spiritual Awareness Series: The Secret of Living Consciously

Needs a location

When you live consciously, you live with intention and purpose. Not only does meditation help you discover an inner reservoir of strength and joy, but as a practice it gives you clarity to make wise choices. Join us for this webinar and discover how meditation can put you back in the driver’s seat.

Take this FREE class on its own or as part of a series aimed to support your spiritual journey. There’s a sanctuary within each of us, and through meditation we can enter and recharge any time we wish. This class is a part of the Spiritual Awareness Series offered by Science of Spirituality, a worldwide spiritual organization dedicated to transforming lives through meditation.


All are Welcome! Science of Spirituality programs are free of charge.

Free Meditation Webinar: Communicating with Compassion

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To Register: https://www.sos.org/webinars/spiritual-awareness-series/

Take this FREE class on its own or as part of a series aimed to support your spiritual journey.

It has been said that humans were created to share in the pains and sorrows of their fellow beings. Recognizing that we all have the same spark of divinity within us, we are inspired to relate to others at the level of the soul. During this webinar, we will present a simple, yet effective meditation practice that helps us recognize our common heritage in the Divine, inspiring us to communicate to all we meet with deep empathy and compassion.

All are Welcome! Science of Spirituality programs are free of charge.

Global Meditation in Place

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Join Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj for a streamed Global Meditation in Place event. The program is attended by thousands of people from around the world as they come together to meditate for spiritual growth and inner peace.

No need to register, go to this page on June 20: https://www.sos.org/sant-rajinder-singh/global-meditation

Online Learn to Meditate Class: Take Your Meditation to the Next Level

To Register, please visit: https://www.sos.org/webinars/learn-to-meditate-series

In this FREE 3-part weekly webinar series, “Learn to Meditate,” we will explore and teach the art and science behind meditation for healthy living. Each session includes meditation instructions and time to meditate. The series builds one upon the other, but each class stands on its own. This series has been presented around the world, and, for the first time, we are offering it online. An experienced facilitator will guide you through the techniques that will help you succeed in meditation. Join us as we explore a simple, powerful practice that can transform your life

Take your Meditation to the Next Level. This class will introduce you to the simple but powerful technique of Science of Spirituality Meditation -- with a special focus on two proven tips: How to
make meditation a priority in our lives, and why consistency in our efforts will help us achieve even greater success in our meditation practice.

Meditation is our private retreat from the problems of the world –a place of peace and tranquility. Anyone can do it. No special clothes. No special postures–and you can meditate anytime, anywhere.

All Science of Spirituality Programs are Free!

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