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Do you feel stressed out and are always worried about things? Do you feel tired all the time and have a hard time focusing on tasks? Does your mind constantly race and you can't seem to shut it off? If any of these apply to you Meditation is a proven exercise that can greatly improve your focus, social connection, worry, energy, life satisfaction, relationships, memory, stress management, irritability etc. etc. Before you say "I can't meditate, my mind races to much" than this group is directed especially at you. Meditation is a skill that takes a bit of practice and patience, but we will start small and if you have the desire to improve your life you can see results quickly.

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How to Use Your Mind to Create Your Ideal Life

Northern District Auditorium

Heal Emotionally, Remove Negative Subconscious Programs, Change Limiting Beliefs

Yonge and Eglinton Northern District Library Conference Room


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