Sunday Morning Drop-in Class: The Practice of Empathy


The Courage to Love
with Lisa and Joe LaMattina

Love is the great healer, the harmonizer that brings joy to our relationships and great meaning to our life. So how do we remain open-hearted and loving in the face of betrayal, hurt and abuse? When we begin to feel wounded and insecure and overwhelmed, can we keep from shrinking into those wounds? Yes! Buddhist teachings reveal how we can tap into the reservoir of love that exists within each of us. In this series, we will discover how meditation can enable us to transform and heal all our relationships, including the one we have with ourself! Love will encourage us to stop living defensively– caught up in anger, resentment, or despair. As we will see, our wounds can serve as the springboard for our becoming the powerful, joyful and beneficial person we wish to be.

June 30: The Courage to Love with Lisa LaMattina
July 7: Why “Love” Fails Us with Joe LaMattina
July 14: Authentic Love will Change You with Lisa LaMattina
July 21: Caring for Self is Not Selfish with Joe LaMattina
July 28: Every Relationship can be Healed with Lisa LaMattina
August 4: No Class— Center is closed for the International Summer Festival in England
August 11: The Practice of Empathy with Kathia Rabelo
August 18: Loving Kindness Meditation with Lisa LaMattina
August 25 Emptiness: The Potential to Change with Joe LaMattina

Based on the texts The New Eight Steps to Happiness & How to Solve Our Human Problems, by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.

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About the Class:
Our Sunday drop-in class begins with a guided meditation, followed by a talk on a certain topic (listed above), and ends with another guided meditation. Class is followed by refreshments and time to chat with the teacher and other students. Everyone is welcome. DROP IN AND JOIN AT ANY TIME! NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY.

**Please arrive 15 minutes before class for registration and to get settled in the meditation hall. Once the 1st meditation has started, you will need to wait outside in the community room where there is a video broadcast before you can join the class.

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