Tea Ceremony Eindhoven: Fundraising Light Meets Life.

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This week will be extra special! We will drink a stunning tea... and all the donations collected from the ceremony will go towards the fundraiser of the tea & zen center in Taiwan, the home of the 'tea tradition' Tanya and I practice in. For more info about the fundraiser and the center check https://www.gofundme.com/f/globalteahut

We can gather for some tea, starting with at least three cups or bowls in silence. We will have the time to relax, come back to ourselves and to share our experiences with the tea or anything else. The teas we will drink during these ceremonies will at least come from organic farms and most often from wild tea gardens, forests or even ancient tea trees. Throughout the ceremony and meditation time we are free to practice any meditation technique as long as it doesn't disturb others. Please bring a comfortable pants to be able to comfortably sit cross-legged or in another meditation posture (if you need to sit on a chair to be able to relax, that is possible too). These ceremonies are donation based. At the end of the ceremony there will be the possibility to give a donation. The donations will support the continuation of these ceremonies or other ceremonies throughout the country or Europe. Any question about this meetup? Feel free to ask! For more info about the community visit: www.globalteahut.org, or check our Facebook page called 'Global Tea Hut Netherlands and Belgium'.