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Meditation on the Rise is an initiative to guide people to let go of stress, and to learn to experience more joy and empowerment in their daily lives. This work is about transformation beginning from within.

We hold regular groups, sessions and events where a diverse group of like minded/ like hearted people gather to create a strong and positive collective energy bringing lasting benefits to their overall well being.

Our intention is to guide participants to a place within where they can access and strengthen tangible peace. The sessions aim to expand awareness in order to experience and remember what we truly are.

Don't be dissuaded by low rsvps...lots of people attend who don't use Meet-up! See their comments below:

"I absolutely love Kristina's meditations, they're a real highlight of my week and somehow always hit just the right note for whatever I feel or need in that moment. I leave each time feeling ever more grounded, peaceful, loving, open and empowered to live my truth." Helen

"This class really makes a difference to my week. It is only an hour but an amazing hour." EG

"Meditation has been the most generous and kindest gift I have given myself in a long time. I leave each class renewed and refreshed, with a sense of clarity and purpose. In real life, the benefits began flowing immediately into my approach to work and love and life. Kristina offers a beautiful, warm and welcoming environment to practice in and is an inspiring teacher." RCC

"Meditation on the Rise creates a space that clears your mind and refreshes your soul." DK

"I can honestly say that my first meditation with you was one of the best experiences of my life - I experienced things and saw things I had never seen before! " Arianne

"I feel very at peace and energised at the same time." GL

"With a hectic life as a busy mother of 3, my meditation class is a much needed part of my week. I look forward to an hour of stillness and peace." AG

"Since starting my meditation journey with Meditation on the Rise my life has changed dramatically. Love and light have returned to my life. I can't be more grateful." GP

"We are guided by a beautiful soul who is able to create a safe space, where you are lovingly held, whilst you experience peace, bliss and connection to your heart and soul, through her graceful guided meditations.

You leave feeling gently empowered, ready to face the joys and challenges of life with calmness and connection.

I highly recommend going along, as a gift to yourself that you can treasure.

Your Higher Self will thank you for it many times." GF


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