What does 2020 hold for you - with Rev. T. Kearns


Thursday, January 16 - 2020 Is Here Ushering In HUGE Changes - The Coming Great Conjunction - Predict Your Future! Make Sense Out of Your Life & What Is & Will Happen...Really...when YOU discover exactly how “the Planets” are circulating in YOUR chart. This class helps you prepare for the future so you can unleash your true potential! 2020 Will prove to be a powerful year for change: Jupiter (Zeus - King of the Gods and King of Justice), Saturn (the Lord of Karma) and Pluto (Hades - Lord of the Underworld - death and rebirth) will transit the sign of Capricorn (structure and government) all year leading to the first Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in 20 years changing the course of society. These energies will help to mold/cast/ change your life..! Cost: $24. SEATING LIMITED! RESERVATIONS REQUIRED AS this is a one-on-one class personalized for you...so please call Tom @[masked] with your time/date/place of birth (if known), so your personalized chart can be made for you for FREE prior to class...however, you don’t need to know your chart to benefit from this class. 7:00-9:00PM.