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Nondual Oriented Teacher Roger Castillo from Australia visit to Santa Cruz
SF Bay Area Santa Cruz, San Rafael, Berkeley INTRO EVENING FOR INTENSIVE- DONATION BASIS with Roger Castillo - Nondual Oriented Teacher-from Australia June 21st - 24th, 2018 Intro Evenings are by donation JUNE 21 - SANTA CRUZ - PACIFIC CULTURAL CENTER 7PM DONATION BASIS MANY OUTSIDE OF MEETUP WILL BE ATTENDING Hello Friends, (Please scroll all the way down for more info on Roger and the events) It is with great pleasure that I introduce Roger Castillo to you and heartily invite you to join us for a Weekend Satsang Intensive. Roger visited us last year for a weekend and we're looking forward to hosting him again this year where we hope even more friends will join and soak up the message he shares. Join us for Thursday Evening Satsang in Santa Cruz (21st June) and/or a non-residential Weekend Satsang Intensive in San Rafael/Berkeley from June 22nd - 24th. If peace of mind in daily living is a high priority for you and you feel a 'yes' in your heart then don't miss this opportunity to meet Roger and immerse yourself in a very refreshing Advaita approach. Roger shares Satsang around the world and his teaching is gaining more and more popularity as people recognize that the spiritual search is ultimately about peace of mind in daily living, and it needs to deliver accordingly, otherwise what's the point? It is for this reason that Roger, following in the footsteps of his teacher Sri Ramesh Balsekar (translator and disciple for Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj), approaches the topic of enlightenment from this very practical perspective - unwavering peace of mind in daily living, or, we could say 'the end of suffering'. This approach ties in with traditional Advaita teachings and addresses some of the typical remaining beliefs and pitfalls which tend to propel us through a period of flip flopping in and out of the realization of Self or I Amness. The event is kindly co-sponsored by Open Circle Center ( For more information on Roger see: I very much hope to see you over this coming weekend. Warm wishes Cory Bright UNBROKEN PEACE OF MIND IN DAILY LIVING What we are REALLY looking for in life, whether we realise it or not, is peace of mind in daily living independent of the circumstance we find ourselves in.. This peace of mind can also be described as the end of suffering. This way of Being in life is very much available, and it is only a layer of misunderstanding which keeps us away from our birth right of unbroken peace of mind. More specifically, it is the inaccurate yet deeply ingrained beliefs of 'personal doership' and 'attachment to outcomes' which are at the core of the misunderstanding and are continually triggered by life circumstance and flower as feelings of guilt and shame, blame and hatred, pride, worry, and expectation all of which are different forms of suffering. It is life that has ingrained the misunderstanding, and at some point, through a process of spiritual seeking and enquiry, life gradually undoes the error, Satsang is one of the most powerful tools that life uses to bring about clarity. The Satsangs are dedicated to this one topic of 'happiness in daily living', everything that is shared is only shared because it is completely relevant to this topic. All it takes is for one piece of the puzzle that was previously missing to be delivered and who knows what effect that can have - life really is mysterious and more profound than we could possibly imagine. I'm passionate about describing life differently, so if you feel inclined please join me over this weekend, I'd love to meet you soon.

Pacific Cultural Center

1307 Seabright Ave · Santa Cruz, CA

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