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The Open Mind Center invites you to experience the profound benefits of yoga while becoming part of a supportive yoga community. Each class is led by a gifted teacher whose main focus is making every student feel comfortable and challenged. In our beautiful studio, the art of yoga becomes enjoyable and accessible to all students.

"What is yoga?"

The term yoga means “to unite” in Sanskrit. It is a safe and exhilarating workout that will calm your mind, strengthen your body, and change your life. The days of high impact aerobic exercise being the only way to increase energy and strength are over. Yoga is the perfect total body exercise to attain personal health and fitness goals while releasing tension, stress, and anxiety. Yoga is a practice meant to bring your mind, body, and spirit to a place of balance which will allow you to reach your optimal state of being both physically and emotionally. Our yoga classes are conducted locally in Roswell area and allow you to go at your own pace and are guided by professionals to avoid injury.

Benefits of Yoga Class

When you are in a place of balance, you will notice drastic changes to the energies surrounding your life. Yoga is a holistic approach to rid the body of toxic habits through movement. It is one of the oldest forms of medicine meant to clear the mind and guide you to a healthier way of living.

We believe that practicing yoga on a regular basis, combined with proper nutrition and commitment to self growth creates complete body and mind wellness. You will feel the difference as you experience the benefits of reduced stress and renewed energy in our peaceful studio. Our yoga classes in Roswell, GA are designed with every BODY in mind. If you have physical limitations, simply inform your instructors and they will modify the poses so that you can find joy in your practice.

You will be amazed at how quickly you will notice the benefits of a regular practice. Not only will your body begin to change but the benefits will begin to show up in your life on and off the mat.

Upcoming events (5+)

The Open Mind- Intermediate Yoga

The Open Mind Center


This class is suitable for students who have an established yoga practice and want to take it to a deeper level, by refining the poses and integrating alignment with breath and movement. You will have a chance to experience the freedom of arm balances, liberation of backbends, intensity of the flow, and the sustaining current of the ever-present breath that carries us through all of it. Get ready to join us on a mat in the journey of exploration! Offered: Wednesdays from 7:00-8:15pm Investment: $15 Drop in rate; $70 for 5 Classes; $130 for 10 Classes; $220 for 20 Classes; $120 for one month unlimited classes; $99 for auto-renewal unlimited monthly membership Auto-Renew Monthly Membership includes a 10% discount on yoga workshops and merchandise (some limitations apply) *Packages expire 4 months after date of purchase (excluding unlimited packages)

Compassion/Forgiveness Meditation Class

The Open Mind Center


One of the root causes of suffering is a feeling or sense of being separate from others. In this class, we practice certain meditations that help enliven our sense of connectedness as well as assisting us in becoming more present for ourselves and others. This has a natural byproduct of deepening our capacity for compassion and forgiveness. Practices such as these helps increase our vibration, open our heart, and calm the mind. Combining these with mindful intentions we can begin to change how we hold things in our heart. This is important because how we hold the events of our life in our hearts determines our experience of them. Doing practices in a group setting helps strengthen our intention and deepens our experience. I hope you will join us and add your intention to the group.

Join us for All Levels Yoga!

The Open Mind Center


Improve your daily routine, combat the effects of your day, and join us for this transformative yoga class! Open your heart and mind in a safe environment that encourages the release of built up stress and tension. You will warm up with creative sequences that incorporate sun salutations with standing poses to build both strength and flexibility. Additionally, you will work with bending and hip opening poses to aid with stiffness and inflexibility. While focusing on your breathing and body alignment, you will connect with yourself in a whole new way!

Announcing a NEW Yoga Class - Fully Integrated with Kelly @ 11:00 on Fridays

Announcing a NEW Yoga Class at The Open Mind Center: FULLY INTEGRATED with Kelly Fridays @11am Experience a fully integrated yoga practice that combines equal parts breathing, savasana, and guided meditation - plus 45 minutes of intelligently sequenced vinyasa asana practice. We often forget that yoga is not about putting our foot behind our head or being able to do a handstand but about cultivating presence through the experience of stillness. We are able to discover this stillness and create true aliveness in our lives when we incorporate the totality of the yoga science. By using pranayama, asana, and meditation we are able to redirect inward and move into the subtle and transcendent aspects of our experience which in turn provide a profound basis for Being. Come, explore, integrate every Friday at 11am.

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Gentle Yoga: A Calm and Relaxing Experience

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