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Meditations for Self-Healing, Energy Boosting and Reducing Stress
Please note that the September 10 Meetup is postponed to Monday, September 17 as I will be out of town September 10. The Event Host, Nori Lee, is a Certified Teacher, Tao Hands Practitioner and Certified Tao Song and Tao Dance Soul Healer. Nori used to suffer from bad pain in her feet, ankles, knees, hips, arm and fingers (taking painkillers all day every day) but is completely pain-free today. In this weekly gathering held every Monday evening, Nori leads the group in doing self-healing and energy-boosting practices that self-heal physical conditions including the pain she used to experience in many parts of her body. She also teaches the deep spiritual wisdom behind the practices, including the role of karma. Participants have experienced huge improvement. Two members have noticed that their ankle pain has improved immensely and is virtually non-existent. Knee Replacement Surgery No Longer Needed: One participant was diagnosed with chronic knee pain that would progressively deteriorate to the point that he would eventually need knee replacement surgery. He came regularly each week and is now confident that he will never need knee replacement surgery, as his knee pain is 98% gone. Pacemaker Prognosis Reversed: A year and a half ago, one participant was diagnosed by his doctor to have a serious heart condition...the doctor's prognosis was that his heart condition would progressively deteriorate to the point of needing a pacemaker. The participant came regularly each week. He reported that updated tests done at UBC Hospital a few weeks ago indicate that there is no longer a detectable heart condition. Diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis by Three M.D.s Reversed: In January of 2018, one participant was diagnosed by three different medical doctors, based on her blood tests and existing symptoms, to have rheumatoid arthritis. The medical consensus among her three doctors was that her rheumatoid arthritis would progressively deteriorate and likely spread. After coming to this Meetup weekly for about two months, she had four new blood tests which resulted in an updated diagnosis that she does not have rheumatoid arthritis. After just one class, one member who always woke up part way through the night said she slept through the night for the first time in over twenty years. A new participant said, "I've tried different meditation classes and a qi gong class but this class is the best. My health is better after each time I come." During the course of the evening everyone receives one or more blessings for their request. These blessings can relate to relationships, finances, physical ailments or even housing. Seven members of the group have reported immediate and profound results...two of them for relationship issues (relationship with a good friend...relationship with coworkers) for wrist pain due to arthritis or for chronic stomach pain...three for financial requests (one received an unexpected monetary settlement from an insurance company that had earlier been denied...another received two cheques totalling $1,400 that he was not received a new, higher paying job). An eighth participant found an affordable apartment to move to in a highly desirable neighbourhood in Vancouver after having looked for months unsuccessfully. Her request for a blessing was to find an affordable apartment in a highly desirable neighbourhood in Vancouver. Very soon after that, she found one. Newcomers are warmly welcomed. First-time participants should email Nori at: [masked] to receive the Enter Code for the building. Cost: Cash at the door of $15. First-timers only $12.

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Who should join? Anyone with an interest in self-healing, wellness and spirituality.

I discovered over 20 years ago that there are limits to the health problems that Western medicine can solve. I spent the next 20+ years seeking. Using the best that I've found, and as a Certified Master Teacher and Healer of Soul Healing and Enlightenment, I lead a weekly practice group, applying techniques to prevent sickness in the liver, heart, spleen, lungs, kidneys, brain and other organs and parts of the body, and self-heal and prolong the life of these organs and the different parts of the body, including knees, ankles and more. I also lead the group in practices that boost energy and immunity and reduce stress.

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