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Meditation Practice and "The Excellence of Bodhicitta" Video by Trinlay Rinpoche

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Introduction to Meditation for beginners (for all levels also)

"The most profound meditation begins with simple meditation. Calm abiding meditation (T: Shinnay, S: Shamatha) is a very effective technique, and is refreshing and uncomplicated to . Many different methods exist, and all have the same underlying purpose: to enable the mind to remain peacefully and uninterruptedly in a stable state of one-pointed concentration over an extended period of time. One begins by learning to sit still for periods of ten, twenty or thirty minutes, gradually extending the duration of one's meditation sessions. The ability to remain in a state of complete absorption is considered to be extremely advanced, but even in the early stages of meditation one can learn to sit quietly and be aware of one's mind, observing the flow of arising and passing thoughts which are like the movement of fleeting clouds in a clear sky". Shamar Rinpoche

Continuation with the Study and discussion on The Way of the Bodhisattva with the videos of Karma Trinley Rinpoche

Chap. 1 The Excellence of Bodhicitta Intention and application

3:00 pm -5:00pm