Find Peace Within Healing Circle

Mediumship Development
Mediumship Development
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This circle runs from 10am to noon.

Are you awakening and feeling there is something more to learn and experience?

Are you ready to move to the next step in your evolution?

Let us come together to practice, and experience, the connection to the Loving Essence that you are and have always been. Let us shift our focus of attention to Within Ourselves to come to know who we are and how we are to be of service to ourselves and each other.

Gerri will share with you the “Instructional Lessons and Meditations” that have been channeled to her from Source. She will also offer the Transmission of the Divine Light and Channeled poetic messages to each member of the class. You, too, will have the opportunity to give and receive five minutes of Divine Light Energy. You may also share Inspirational Messages that you might receive as you raise your vibration through your connection to the Loving Essence that is within you.

Join us to experience your innate ability to be a Step-Down Transformer of the Divine Light. Each of us came here to help raise the frequency of Mother Earth by stepping down the frequencies of The Cosmic Energy of Source step by step through our chakra systems.

During each class we check in with each other to share any spiritual events that may have occurred as well as experience a guided meditation and energetic healing from The Divine Light. We will all participate in sharing our healing energy as we give and receive 5 minutes of Divine Light Healing with each other.

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