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Self-exploration and finding ourselves in a busy world can be difficult to do, constant responsibility of our needs and other people's keeps many in a constant cycle of work tiredness and almost a dulled emotional state. This group hopes to help change that cycle. Self discovery is about finding who we truly are, what we like, and what we want, our true desires can help restart our lives and put us back on a path we sometimes forget or have never really discovered. Open discussions, days out walks ,evening drinks ,will give people the chance to regain or find themselves

Meet and be around others on the same path in a journey of self discovery and good intent Self-Discovery and beyond makes us who we truly are, is it time for you to find out?

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Café in the Crypt Rochester Cathedral

Rochester Cathedral

Café in the Crypt Rochester Cathedral Enjoy a light lunch, treat yourself to a slice of cake or warm up with a cup of tea or coffee in the Café located in the 13th Century Crypt. The Café in the Crypt has been open since February 2018. offering a warm and genuine welcome to all visitors. It is a lovely place to eat or drink in Rochester. This is a ideal place to chat and relax.

Plucky woods Ghost Hunt


We have done this before, for those that have not here is your chance Walking in woodland in total darkness is a not for the faint hearted But is a experience not to be missed Rap up warm bring a torch sensible footwear a must This meet will get the adrenalin pumping screaming is allowed The Dering Woods, also known as Screaming Woods are situated in Kent. Between the villages of Smarden and Pluckley. They are reputed to be the most haunted woods in Britain and they were given their name because of the many reports of people hearing terrifying screams coming from the forest at night or footsteps and whispers during days of fog. The forest is said to be haunted by the ghosts of the people who get lost in them, in particular the locals mention a suicidal army colonel of the 18th century and a highwayman who was captured by the villagers, pinned to a tree and beheaded. Many from the nearby villages swear to have seen black shadows following them while they were traveling across the forest. The wood is also famous for presenting one of the oldest Neolithic sites in the world. We will meet in the Pub at 8pm have a few drinks discuss our Route and plans cover any concerns or worries then set off A adrenalin filled night that will get the heart racing Are you ready ? Come alone or with friends Please call or text or message on hear if you want some more details My Mobile[masked] Its Time to discover your limits

True desires


I like to hold a few events at my house it gives people a chance to relax unwind and chat over coffee tea or drinks . This meet is just a relaxing evening of conversation come along and meet others for a relaxing evening

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South Foreland Lighthouse Tour , Fun day out

Saint Margarets Bay

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