What we're about

Self-exploration and finding ourselves in a busy world can be difficult to do, constant responsibility of our needs and other people's keeps many in a constant cycle of work tiredness and almost a dulled emotional state. This group hopes to help change that cycle. Self discovery is about finding who we truly are, what we like, and what we want, our true desires can help restart our lives and put us back on a path we sometimes forget or have never really discovered. Open discussions, days out walks ,evening drinks ,will give people the chance to regain or find themselves

Meet and be around others on the same path in a journey of self discovery and good intent Self-Discovery and beyond makes us who we truly are, is it time for you to find out?

Past events (7)

Pluckley woods Ghost Hunt The Dering Woods
The Friars Aylesford Priory

Aylesford Carmelite Priory

The Seance

Matts house

Canterbury River tour and cathedral visit


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