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Meeples Games is your friendly tabletop game store and cafe in West Seattle! We have several gaming events each day that are open to the public and free. All ages and analog gaming interests are welcome. Feel free to suggest your own Meetups for us to add to our calendar! Find out more about the establishment at the Meeples Games website (http://www.meeplesgames.com).

Upcoming events (5+)

Home School Game Day

Meeples Games

Your family is part of our family here at Meeples, and that means we take your children's education seriously. But since we're Meeples, we make sure it's seriously FUN! Home schoolers can meet up and play games, while parents can catch up and trade tips. We have a wide selection of educational material which is also riotously fun! Kids of every age are welcome, and you're sure to find someone to play a game with.


Meeples Games

Join us at Meeples Games to battle it out with Warhammer! Bring your armies and see who you can beat.

Board Game Night!

Meeples Games

Board Game Night is back on the calendar! Join Meeples Games' board game expert Daniel on Thursday evenings to learn new games, meet new people and have a ton of fun! We'll have two games that we'll spotlight each week. We'll teach you how to play or help get you started. Our game library is also open and players can try anything we have, or bring their own. If you've been looking to try something or just want a fun night out to meet new people, this is the night for you!

Forum Trajanum Learn to Play and Demo By Double Exposure

Join Meeples Games and Double Exposure for a Learn to Play and Demo night of Forum Trajanum. Emperor Trajan plans to have a monument built for eternity: the Forum Trajanum. It is supposed to become the biggest and most glorious Emperor's forum that the Roman world has ever seen — not only in order to demonstrate his success as Princeps Optimus in an imposing manner, but also to foster the well-being and the fame of the honorable citizens of Rome. In Forum Trajanum, each player governs a Colonia, founded by Trajan himself, and thus is the head of one of the highest-ranking cities in the entire Roman Empire. While the players try to optimally develop their own Colonia, they should not fail in supporting the Emperor's building project to the best of their abilities at the same time. The player who is most successful in doing so will — after expiry of their term of office — be admitted to the small circle of illustrious and mighty personalities surrounding the Emperor.

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