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Meeples Games is your friendly tabletop game store and cafe in West Seattle! We have several gaming events each day that are open to the public and free. All ages and analog gaming interests are welcome. Feel free to suggest your own Meetups for us to add to our calendar! Find out more about the establishment at the Meeples Games website (http://www.meeplesgames.com).

Upcoming events (5+)

Star Wars X-Wing Tournament

Meeples Games

Do you have what it takes to command the galaxy's greatest pilots? Assemble your fleet, because the last Sunday of each month is when Meeples Games EXPLODES into fast-paced Star Wars action! Star Wars X-Wing is the ultimate game of dogfighting in space, and our tournament pits the best local players against each other. Get the latest event info at the Sons of Ackbar Facebook Page!! (https://www.facebook.com/Sons-of-Ackbar-West-Seattle-261405814053532/?fref=ts) Entry fee is $10, and prizes vary each month.Join us, and together we can rule the Galaxy as Game Store and Competitor...

Commander Weekend!

Meeples Games

To celebrate the release of the new Commander Decks, join us for Commander Weekend! When you join our FREE and CASUAL Commander Night at 6:30p, you will receive an achievement sheet! Any player that completes the achievement sheet will receive a promo pack (while supplies last). If a player is playing in the event and uses one of the new unaltered commander decks, the player will be allowed to play with all 3 legendary commander creatures as though they had the partner keyword! For more information please contact the store at[masked]

Magic Commander/EDH Casual

Meeples Games

One hundred cards. One Commander. Multiple opponents. No repeats. No second chances. In the Commander format of Magic: the Gathering, anything can happen. The free-for-all barroom-brawl style of play is perfect for veteran Planeswalkers who seek a new level of challenge to their skills. To learn more about the Commander format, click HERE (http://magic.wizards.com/en/gameinfo/gameplay/formats/commander). Plus, we're adding 2DH - join us to play! 2DH is an EDH variant where no single card can cost more than 2 dollars in NM condition. The benchmark is tcgplayer.com pricing with shipping included. This is a casual event, so bring a deck or two and have fun!

Tween Dungeons and Dragons 4 Week Campaign

Meeples Games

Join Dungeon Master Brian for a four week session of Dungeons and Dragons for Tweens (kids aged 9-13). Each week we continue the adventure along with fun and learning the game. How it works: • Date: every Monday 2/19, 2/16, 3/5, 3/12 • Time: 4:00 - 6:00 pm • Cost: $55 for the session due at registration • Registration required (call[masked], email [masked], or in-store) • This session will be fist come, first served, so register today! (Future sessions will be filled via a lottery if the sessions are very popular. We'll keep you posted on that.) • Permission slip filled out by parents is required. • We're running two sessions now, so space is limited to 14 What you get: We'll teach everyone how to play and run through a short campaign of the course of the session that will allow players to level up and learn about character building, working as a team, etc. • One poly-7 set of dice for role playing games • Pre-made character and additional character sheets • Pencil What to bring: • We recommend that each player has a Dungeons and Dragons Players Handbook. We'll give you a coupon for 20% off the purchase of that book on registration payment. • A great attitude • Completed permission slip • Money for a snack or beverage

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