Magic: the Gathering- Pioneer

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3727 California Ave SW Suite 2B · Seattle, WA

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We are located on the second floor of SW Charlestown and California Ave SW. There is a 90 min lot behind the building. The elevator and stairwells are located on the back side of the building.

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Starting Friday 11/15 at 6:45pm, we will be diving into Pioneer. Entry fee will be $7

Pioneer will utilize sets from Return to Ravnica forward. One goal in creating Pioneer was for the format to be large enough to have cross-block synergies to give the format its own unique characteristics. Starting with RTR gives the format that is the most different from Modern, since Modern launched right before RTR.

Additionally, the initial banned list will include just five cards—the fetch lands: Bloodstained Mire, Flooded Strand, Polluted Delta, Windswept Heath, and Wooded Foothills.