Iron Kingdoms RPG (Open to new players)

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Join GM Tim for Iron Kingdoms RPG

Session 0 (character creation session) will be held Thursday January 10th.
Session 1 (beginning of adventure) will be held January 24th as this campaign will run every other Thursday.
The final session should be held in May as it is only expected to go for 8-10 sessions.

Iron Kingdoms is an RPG similar to Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). In the world of Iron Kingdoms nations mean more than species and steam punk technology mixes with arcane magic to fuel a world on the brink of a major war. You will be able to play assassins, gun mages, warriors, soldiers, field mechcanics with their huge jacks (mechs) knights among many other options. You can be on of this world’s version of elves, dwarves, a human or even a trollkin. Players new to Iron Kingdoms or role-playing games in general will both be welcomed.

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