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Join DM Tim in this new and exciting campaign!

The malichor has ravished the continent killing thousands. Everyone has lost someone the knew and cared about to this unstoppable plague which has no cure. Even healing magic cannot save someone inflicted with the malichor, as it spreads throughout the great nations affecting everyone regardless of social standings or status. These are grim days, but hope might be on the horizon in the form of a newly “discovered” island. The island of Teer Fradee. A mystical island untouched by the malichor which has sprouted up in the continent. This island holds the hope of thousands and the future of the continent and now you are embarking on a series of quests to try and discover that cure. You have come to the shores of Teer Fradee to save a dying nation. How you set about doing that is entirely in your and your companion’s hands.

New players and new to RPG players more than welcomed. All you need is you, all other items will be supplied. This system uses 6 sided dice only, if you wish to bring your own dice.

Schedule: Session 0 is January 9th and the game is played every Thursday after that.

This edition of Greedfall tabletop RPG (D&D like game) is entirely homebrewed and being play testing for the first time now. It is based on the video game and aims at being as direct a translation as possible. It will have a character creation / introduction Session 0 and then continue with the adventure every Thursday thereafter. Feedback is more than welcomed during this campaign and tweaks to the rules should be expected.

Features of the game include:
• Exploration Mode: gain experience points when you enter new regions, areas and settlements, establish trade route by setting up camps, find shrines that give you skill points, uncover secrets and overcome obstacles. Be sure to search for chests, coins and forage for crafting reagents to aid you on your journey.
• Stealth Mode: avoid conflicts by sneaking around would be enemies or by sneaking past would be allies to gain information they wish to keep secret without them knowing about it. Set up devasting sneak attacks. Avoid hungry creatures when you are wounded, as everyone can use stealth.
• Social Encounters: develop relationships with the factions and people of Teer Fradee as well as information and quests. Gain mechanical bonuses and allies with the gift of gab and enjoy roleplaying as you develop relationships within the party. If you play your cards right and complete a personal quest you may even be able to develop a romance.
• Combat Encounters: utilize firearms, magic, traps, sword, axe or even bombs to settle your differences (or just try to avoid being eaten) as you see fit (and have the skills to pull off). Gain bonuses for adding narrative to combat. Find ways of working together as a team to set-up effective strategies.
• Open character development allows you to focus on warrior, technical or magical skills or mix and match from all three skill branches.