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Are you interested in being an Organizer of this group? We are currently seeking an individual to step up and take the role over from the Current Organizer. If you are interested please send an email to the current Organizer from the Meetup site. If a New Organizer is not found, the group is planning on closing in November 2021.

At this time New Members are not being accepted into the group. However, if a new Organizer is found acceptance of new members will be at their discretion......

Let's get the most out of life! Meet interesting people! Have fun and develop new friendships along the way! If you are looking for a mid-size group with last minute events and fun things to do -- This is it!

Please take a moment to read our group guidelines: - please be sure to scroll to end to see Additional Guidelines During Covid 19.

Our policies are short and simple:

Most Important - HAVE FUN - Enjoy every event and get to know each other! This is a great place to make long lasting friendships. We are very welcoming to new members and care about enjoying each other's company.

Picture - All group members are required to have a recent, individual photo of themselves. This is necessary so organizers and other group members can recognize you at our events. You will not be approved without a picture.

Dues - As of Feb 1st, 2015 dues are $12.00 per year - this breaks down to $1.00 per month, or .25 per week.

No Shows - If a member RSVP's yes for ANY event and does not attend - this is a No Show. If a member No Shows one time they will be removed from the group. If you can't make an event you must change your rsvp to No. Please be aware Removal for No Shows and Last Minute Cancellations is taken seriously in this group and members will be removed. Our Event Organizers work hard on their events and often reservations are involved. As a group we need to respect the venues and the organizers.

Last Minute Cancellations - We ask all members to cancel their r.s.v.p. within 2 days of an event. Of course, if there is an emergency we understand. If you are a person who usually works late, gets frequent headaches, have out of town visitors often and find that you cancel last minute please wait until the day of the event to sign up. Please do not sign up when an event is first posted just to save a spot. At this time Last Minute Cancellations will be subject to group removal.

Soliciting- Our group does not welcome soliciting of any nature. Please do not solicit for personal, religious or business reasons. Or to promote a group of any nature.

Enjoy the events - Laugh - Smile - Talk to the Person Next to you - Ask someone to dance - Share an appetizer - Have a great time!


During Covid 19 while attending events please adhere to the current social distancing requirements. This would include Masks when required and maintaining social distancing. Everyone has a different comfort level when it comes to personal space. If someone asks you to "move back a little" kindly respect their request. Let's enjoy a safe time and respect other's boundaries.

VERY IMPORTANT - COVID Last Minute Cancellations and NO SHOWS - please make sure you are aware of this prior to joining group.....

Most of the events being offered during COVID 19 have limited seating. Last Minute Cancellations and NO Shows will not be accepted for limited seating events during COVID. Especially on the Small Dining Events. If you rsvp "yes" for any limited seating event during COVID 19 and you change your rsvp within 24 hours of an event or NO SHOW this will result in removal from the group. Please be 100% sure you are able to attend prior to signing up.

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