What we're about

We are a community of intelligent, conscious women who want more opportunities to Connect, Love and Play so we can remember that feeling of being Alive, Creative and Empowered. We come together to nourish each other in our raw radiant forms and come home to our authentic selves. We'll explore, in fun and interactive ways, life and relationship "hacks" that will inspire and empower us to consciously create the life we desire. Come and MEET other amazing women who desire to live life with more joy, ease and vitality. Women who are ready to expand. Come and PLAY ... In Play, whatever that means to each of us, we are able to experience Present Awareness, shift our consciousness, and see ourselves and our lives with fresh perspective. In Play, we have room to be our Creative selves and soak in the juiciness of each moment. Play is about the Intention we bring to any activity. Are you ready to step in to your light, your feminine power, your true authentic radiance?

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